Whit's 21 Day Challenge

You love learning about fitness & nutrition and how to live a happier & healthier life, right?! Me too! 

I try to give away some pretty cool tips in my emails, on my Facebook page and in my blog. But my most valuable step by step plan for success is in this Challenge!  *its not free*but I am confident you will learn A LOT & it will be totally worth it. Do you want to take your fitness, nutrition & dream catching skills to the next level with me?

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Live your Dreams!


*The 21 Day Challenge is available to all my customers who purchase a CHALLENGE PACK through www.WhitMcClintock.com (only available in US & Canada)

*Once you purchase your CHALLENGE PACK (Shakeology & the fitness program of your choice), I will send you an email with a password to access the daily challenge. Isn't this fun!?!


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"After participating in [Whit's] awesome group I feel great about my body! I learned so much on what to eat and what not to eat. Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard if you know what to look for. My overall mood is so much happier every day, I have more energy and am motivated to work out."

-Megan V. 

"For years I struggled with digestive issues that escalated to the point of needing medical help. Thankfully, tests showed my issues were completely dietary even though I felt I ate pretty responsibly. Within day, (DAYS!!), I noticed a huge difference and my problems have been diminished just by following Whit's suggestions." 

-Jennifer E.