DAY 14- To Do Lists & Establishing Working Hours

Hello Rockstar!

You have established your priorities, you have created your Beachbody dream and you have created SMART goals to step you in the right direction of your dream. Now it is time to create a to do list. 

Create a daily to do list every morning before you begin your day. Make sure there are at least 5 things that you can successfully complete on your list. Take a bite sized piece. For example: My goal is to have this training completed and uploaded to my new website by June 1… On my to do list I include 1 post per day. If I do more, great, but each day I am successful when I write a post. 

I don’t care what is on your list, just make sure your tasks lead you one step closer to your goals and your dream life! =) 

Things I include on my to do list are: 

  • go grocery shopping (and the list)
  • go to bank
  • respond to Jon about binding
  • reply to facebook messages
  • post on social media about nutrition
  • vacuum downstairs 
  • send photos to Kate for website

Do you see how all of these activities can be completed and are important to be completed on my daily to do list?

You can then create a weekly list of less urgent things you need to get done this week:

  • go to health food store (and the list)
  • buy sharpie markers
  • ship thank you card / challenge group prizes 

Do you see how these activities can get done this week but are not urgent? 

Finally you can create a monthly to do list that has a deadline of the end of the month:

  • get a roofing quote
  • complete new coach training
  • pay insurance
  • declutter the garage 
  • launch website 

Do you see how these activities are less urgent, and may need to be broken down into smaller tasks? 

Having a to do list will eliminate pressure and anxiety and allow you to be more productive each day. Don’t you feel better already?

Finally, establish working hours for your Beachbody business. This is important so that you can honor your priorities and still push yourself to accomplish your goals in your business. This makes you more effective with the time you DO have to work. I understand you may have 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening… you can still grow a very lucrative business in those 60 minutes as long as you are focused! Find some time in your schedule where you can dedicate 60 minutes-3 hours (dedicated means NO distractions, no cell phone, no music playing, no one around) a day to the 3 Vital Behaviors (all 3, don’t skip one) and pushing towards your dream life. You can do it, you deserve to do it! 


How did you do with your 3 Vital Behaviors today?

What are your Beachbody working hours?

You made it! This is day 21 of your New Coach Training! I have shared with you the basics of your new business to help you be SUPER successful right out of the gates. 

Please continue training by completing the 7 Day Social Media Training AND please text me 561 801 6878 to tell me you have completed this 21 Day New Coach Training. I personally work with my coaches who are going for emerald, ruby & diamond. So I know I will be in touch with you! 

I am so proud of you! Talk soon! xox Whit