Day 1- Beachbody best deals & Your favorite products

Welcome back! You are doing so awesome & staying on track towards living your dreams! Knowing & practicing the 3 Vital Behaviors is equally as important as your 100 list. So make sure you always are focusing on those 4 things! 

You most likely already have some Beachbody products that you love. Today, I want you to come up with a list of your 3 favorite products and 3 reasons why you love them so much! For example, my 3 favorite products are:

  1. Shakeology- it helps reduce my cravings, gives me energy & its full of the superfood nutrition I need as an athlete
  2. PiYo- keeps my core strong, my muscles flexible & keeps me balanced for skiing
  3. Turbo Fire- its fun, cardio & core to the max

When you know your favorite products & programs, its easy to recommend them to your friends and family without trying to sell them. Simply tell them WHY you love them so much & maybe they will want to try them too!

And Beachbody has sales every month too- this is to help our customers get on track towards living their dreams for a great price! You can find the monthly promotions by going and signing in to your account then click - COACH - COACH ONLINE OFFICE - INCENTIVES & REWARDS - CURRENT PROMOTIONS 

This is 2 awesome ways for you share your favorite programs with the your family & friends! 

HOMEWORK: Please check in with your 3 Vital Behaviors: 

1) Invite 2) Be a Product of the Product 3) Personal Development 

AND Please share your 3 favorite Beachbody products & 3 reasons why you love them so much! =)

You are totally awesome! I can’t wait to tell you more about how to build a successful business! See you tomorrow!