Day 10- Avenues of Income

Are you as excited as I am about Beachbody yet? Are you seeing how practicing the 3 Vital Behaviors makes you a better person in ALL areas of your life? Are you seeing how helping people get on track towards living their dreams can help you get on track with living yours too? Are you seeing how Beachbody rewards us as coaches for carrying out that very important mission? 

Today I want to share with you HOW we make money as a Beachbody coach.

  1. Commissions from your online store- every time someone orders from your website ( you earn 25% of their order
  2. Commissions from recurring orders from Shakeology & BB Club- when customers sign up to receive Shakeology HD or register for the Beachbody Club, you will earn 25% on their recurring orders
  3. Commissions from recurring SC Lead Customers Shakeology & BB Club- when your Success Club Lead Customers sign up to receive Shakeology HD or register for the Beachbody Club, you will earn 25% on their recurring orders too!
  4. Team Cycle Bonus-  Once you achieve Emerald Status then you are eligible to receive a Team Cycle Bonus. This is going to be a huge revenue stream once your team grows & you are leading successful Beachbody coaches & helping people live their dreams. 

    ==> Here’s how it works:

Every time the right OR left leg of your business accumulates 100 PV AND the other leg of your business accumulates 200 PV in a week, you will receive $14 as an Emerald coach. (as you rank advance you get more per cycle) 

ie) if you have 4 coaches on your Right leg and they share 900 PV of products with their customers + you have 6 coaches on your Left leg and they share 1800 PV of product with their customers, you will team cycle 9 x and I will make $126 from your Team Cycle Bonus. 

Now imagine what happens if you are a Diamond coach earning $18 each time your Team Cycles and you have 15 coaches in your downline Right and 20 on your downline Left working their businesses… then imagine how this Team Cycle Bonus will look when you have 100-1000 coaches in your downline working their businesses… See the potential of this simple revenue stream? 

This is ALL you need to know for now about generating income & passive income with your Beachbody business. 


Please check in with your 3 Vital Behaviors 

1) Invite2) Be a Product of the Product 3) Personal Development

For now, as long as you focus on your 3 Vital Behaviors, you will begin to see your confidence, your team and your bank account grow! Because YOU ARE AWESOME!! I am so excited to connect with you again tomorrow!