Day 11- What is your Beachbody Dream?

Hey there!! So I hope the last couple days has been giving your reasons to dream BIG with your Beachbody business. The truth is, I wouldn’t have shared this amazing opportunity with you, if I didn’t think you have what it takes to be a rockstar coach! 

Today I want to have some fun with you! First I want you to write down your biggest strengths that can help others. For instance: 

  1. I am passionate about & love learning about fitness & nutrition!
  2. I am really good at teaching people!
  3. I want everyone to know how to be healthier!

 So, write down at least 3-5 things that can give you confidence about what you have to offer others. 

Next, I want you to dream about where you want Beachbody to take you. 

Do you simply want to earn your Shakeology for free?

Can you see yourself as an Emerald Coach hitting success club every month this year? 

Can you see yourself in the Beachbody top 10 being recognized on stage at Summit? 

Do you want to pay off your debt? 

Do you have a dream house / dream vacation that you can’t afford right now - that Beachbody can help you make a reality?

Can you imagine yourself making over $1 million with Beachbody?

This is about making a BIG dream- imagine the life you would LOVE to have, the recognition you want to receive, the time you get to spend with your family bc you are earning money from home, the vacations you get to go on that are paid for by Beachbody, or other family vacations that you can pay for—you don’t have to completely believe your Beachbody Dream yet, but at least if you tell me your ultimate dream, I can help you make a plan on how to get there!! 

HOMEWORK: Please share your Beachbody Dream

I am here for you! You are awesome! I can’t wait to help you live your dreams!! See you tomorrow!