Day 12- Setting Your Priorities

Hello Rockstar!! Thank you for sharing your Beachbody Dream with me! I am so excited to help you get on track to truly live that dream! Isn’t this fun!?

In order to make a dream a reality you must first set your priorities. Today, I would like for you to place in, 3 different groups, these 9 values :

1- Faith 

2- Family 

3- Fitness / Nutrition 

4- Friends 

5- Fun / Hobbies 

6- Finance  

7- Personal Time & Personal Development 

8- Personal Life / Love Life 

9- Career 

In GROUP 1- place the 3 values that come easiest to you- the things you don’t really need to think about / you are just naturally good at this area of your life.

In GROUP 2- place the 3 values that are most important to you - the things you care most about even though you may need to work harder to do well in this area.

In GROUP 3- place the 3 values that are left over - these things may still be important to sprinkle in, but they are not as significantly important to taking up the majority of your time. 

HOMEWORK: So now you should have 3 groups of 3 values. Please share your 3 groups below. =)

Does this help you to see your priorities laid out like this? I hope it does! Check back tomorrow where I will share how you can make clear goals that align with our priorities.