Day 13- Set your dream a goal

Welcome back! I am so excited to share these tips & tools with you to help you get on track to living your dreams!! I hope you made your 3 priority lists yesterday because now we are going to use those lists to create goals. 

Now it gets serious… Does your Beachbody dream align with your priorities? 

—>If yes, GREAT! 

—> If not, are you willing to re-prioritize to bring you closer to your dream? OR are you willing to be okay with NOT achieving your Beachbody dream as fast as you may like to? 

Let me give you an example: 

My Beachbody career fits into my priorities in Group 3! Even though I am doing extremely well with my business, I spend far less time doing it than I would if it was in my Group 1 or 2… which means, I am effective with the time I spend doing Beachbody AND I am okay with my business growing slower than it could if I devoted more time to it. Does this make sense? 

I don’t recommend Beachbody being a group 1 or group 2priority nor do I recommend it being in group 3…this is YOUR journey and its YOUR dream. Allow your heart to lead you in the direction of your dream, and begin there. 

Now that you have your priorities aligned with your Beachbody dream, set a SMART stepping stone goal that you will push to achieve. 

For example: I am an Emerald Ranked Beachbody coach on x date (4-6 weeks from now) because I honored my priorities, practiced the 3 Vital Behaviors, and asked 3 people per week if they have ever considered coaching. 

*Be sure to write it down as if you have already achieved your goal. And make sure it includes all the (SMART) pieces:

S- (specific)- asked 3 people per week if they have ever considered coaching (how did you do it?)

M- (measurable)- Emerald Rank (a stranger could recognize this was achieved on paper)

A- (attainable)- practiced the 3 Vital Behaviors (proven to work)

R- (realistic)- honored my priorities (realistic commitment) 

T- (time-bound)- by x date (1-4 weeks on small goals up to 1 year for large goals)

HOMEWORK: Please share your SMART stepping stone goal below. Then follow the same process to set your Beachbody Dream Goal! 

I am so excited to see your plan put to paper. I am so proud of you for taking this process seriously and moving forward with your Beachbody business! Tomorrow we will break down the stepping stone goal even further and you will be well on your way to living your dreams.