Day 2- The 5 Step Invitation Process

Hey Rockstar! Thanks for checking in!! Continue to check in here every day to keep getting tools to help you live your dreams & build a super successful Beachbody business. You are doing so awesome!

So, I was fully prepared to create my own invitation process that works. The books I have read have really molded my thinking and made me want to come up with an very effective invitation process… turns out Beachbody already read the books and came up with this 5 step invitation process for us! Read it over…it really makes sense!

The MOST important things about the 5 step invitation process:

1) BUILD a relationships before inviting

2) Be GENUINE and ask questions to find the program that is best for your potential customer

3) ASK “if I ____, Would YOU ____?” <== This is SOO effective!! 

4) FOLLOW up when you said you would =) 

5) Once they have decided to commit, send them the options like these (be sure to include 1 ‘challenge pack’, one ‘fitness only’, one ‘nutrition only’, and one ‘coach’ option): 

“So you would have a couple of options on what you would want to participate in for the group:

1) CHALLENGE PACK: Fitness & Nutrition-PiYo 60 day fitness program PLUS a 30 day supply of a superfood protein / meal replacement shake "Shakeology" ($160) <<< I HIGHLY recommend this!! 

2) Fitness Only: PiYo 60 day fitness program- 8 different workouts from upper body strength to cardio to core. PLUS a bonus workout. ($60)

3) Nutrition Only: 30 day supply of the superfood protein shake "Shakeology" that is packed with vitamins, minerals, pre + probiotics, antioxidants, phytonutrients, digestive enzymes & protein. Shakeology is the only balanced meal replacement shake on the market & it is designed to eliminate deficiencies & cravings while increasing metabolism, immunity & energy. It is even clinically proven to help people lose weight & lower blood pressure and cholesterol. PLUS receive the 3 day REFRESH which is a gentle cleanse that includes real food. It helps to reset your system to get you on track to achieving your goals! ($140)

4) COACH: This is what I did. Sign up as a coach for FREE with the purchase of a CHALLENGE PACK and join me in encouraging friends & family to live a healthier lifestyle. As a coach you will receive 25% commission from all sales AND receive a 25% discount on all future orders. ($140) (NOTE: if you find that this person may be a really good candidate to be a coach ... even just to receive a discount, then make sure you recommend this option...this is also planting a seed for people) 

Which option do you think is best for you?

I am excited for you to join my group! Do you have any questions?”

HOMEWORK: Share the names of the 2-3 people you practiced this 5 step invitation process with (try with your family & close friends first so you can get right to the inviting ;) )

Have a great day!