Day 3- Purchasing a Domain Name

Steps to Buying Your Own Web Address

(1 year for as low as $2.99 one-time fee for the whole year via

The goal here is to buy a URL that’s shorter than ! is where I was referred to buy my URL and I’m so glad I did!

    1.    Go to 

    2.    Click on “Create a New Account” in text somewhere near the top of the home page.

    3.    Enter all of the required fields

    4.    Write down your login and password so that you can manage this acct in the future if need be.

    5.    Once completed, it will take you back to the home page, but you are now “logged in”

    6.    Type in the Search Bar towards the top, the desired URL name you want, ex:, 

    7.    Keep trying until it says you have found one that’s “available”. You don’t want one that’s a “premium”

    8.    Once you’ve decided on one, check the .com box 

    9.    Ignore additional promotions - At the bottom of the page, click “proceed to checkout”

    10.    There may be more additional offerings, but find the “no thanks, proceed” and continue

    11.    Click on the boxes to agree to the terms

    12.    Continue to click on to your payment method and pay

    13.    Once the URL has been purchased it will take you back to the home page

    14.    Click on “Domains”, then “My Domains”

    15.    Click on the folder “Saved Searches” and then “Unfiled”

    16.    To the right, your new URL should show

    17.    Click in the check box directly to the left of your new URL to enable the icons at the top

    18.    Click the GREEN ARROW for “forwarding” and click “Enable Forwarding”

    19.    Type your team beachbody address, example: NOTE: you MUST use http:// or it won’t work.

    20.    Click on the “301 moved permanently” box


Within about 24 hrs or less, you’ll be able to go online and test it to make sure it works. Just type in whatever address you bought, example and it should take you directly to your webpage. This is the page your customers will buy from!  

HOMEWORK: Go search on for a web address of your choice. I highly recommend purchasing your domain if you are serious about working your biz! Please check in with your 3 vital behaviors for today: 1) How many did you invite? 2) What was your workout? 3) Did you listen to or read PD?