Day 4- Freemium List Building

    Now that you have your first domain name for your Beachbody site, you may want to consider creating an email lead website too. But first you need to create something (digitally) free that you can offer your followers when they give you their email address. This is called a ‘freemium’ or a ‘lead magnet’. 


    Once you have been in the biz for about 3 months or so, you will need to begin attracting new customers (which you learned how to do in the social media training). So once they are following you, you may have connected with them beginning to F.O.R.M a relationship. It is really great when you can attract your followers to your FREEMIUM where they will give you their email address in exchange for the information you have given them for free. Then you can take them on a customer journey this is where the real relationship begins…but until you have their email address, all you have is a hookup style relationship…and nobody wants that right?!


    So here’s my best advice on how to create a freemium:

  1. Stick to your brand! Remember the list of 10 things you love? thats you! Create something that you can share with people that will attract people who love what you love! 
  2. Stick to what you are good at! It can be your grocery list, or a short ebook about your 10 ways you love to use coconut oil, maybe you can share with your fans how to take an awesome selfie! ie. my freemium is about goal setting. 
  3. Avoid selling in your freemium! This is a FREE gift you give to your new friends & followers to say “thanks for following & giving me your email address”! This is free information NOT a sales pitch! 
  4. Avoid giving away too much free info about fitness & nutrition! When people seek information from you, they have a need. When you give them something free about fitness & nutrition, we may think its a teaser, but really, it’s a solution to that problem…for free. So they are less likely to immediately join a challenge because you have already offered them a temporary solution to their problem (for now).

    Once you have created your freemium, it’s best to purchase another domain name to bring people to your lead collector page- a simple website that takes the email addresses, and secures them in a list online (like aWebber or Constant Contact… I use mail chimp now but apparently they don’t support MLM and I can lose all my list & content at any time so I will be switching ASAP!) Most lead collectors also allow you to create a simple attractive blog like page where people will land when they click on your web address (your link from your social media pages). 


    An example of a lead collection page is: - Chalene has a separate website BUT in order to get the exact freemium you are searching for: Periscope is Dope, she offers a landing page separate from her website so people don’t get distracted and they get exactly what they came for! And this is the best way to build your email list. 



-Go check out and see how a lead collector looks / works

-Come up with 3 Freemium Topics that you could confidently share information with your followers about… NOT relating to fitness & nutrition…list them below (& text me so I can help you narrow it down 561 801 6878) 


I can’t wait to see how you are going to serve your followers and what you are going to offer them for FREE!! Have an awesome day!