Day 5- Working your 100 List

    Hey super star! How are you doing with your 3 Vital Behaviors? Do you enjoy listening to your Personal Development as much as I do? I hope so & I hope you begin to see the benefits in ALL areas of your life! =) 

    Now that you have been working your 100 list a little bit & sharing your favorite products with your friends and family. It is time to come up with a system that works for YOU to track your invites! Tracking is an incredibly important strength to develop as a Beachbody coach because the power of this business is in the follow up! Once we can be organized, sending an email to 15-50 people to follow up is easy! Its easy to invite these people to challenges too as long as we have already developed a relationship. So following up is key. and Tracking is the only way to be able to know who you have connected with! 

    This is a way I have found that works really well to keep everything organized in a 3 ring binder with LOTS of paper…use 1 line per name =) (take me back to middle school!!) :

  1. Your 100 List
  • you already have this list of 100 very valuable names of nice people you like- remember this list is your roadmap!
  • add names to your 100 list as you meet new nice people who you like always keep this list at 100!! (you will see below why this list will be always changing)

2) Contacted List
- once you begin connecting with the people on your 100 List, you can begin moving their names to your Contacted List - this list should grow by 2-3 people per day so the newest are always at the bottom
- move names to this list once you have reconnected, started conversation, but have not yet invited them 

3) Invited List
- once you have reconnected, you can begin to invite your friends from your Contacted List to join you in a challenge (you should be aiming to invite 2-3 per day)
- if they say YES and purchase a program / product, move them to your Customer List
- if they say NO- ask them if they may be interested in the future and re-write their name on your "100 List" with a date to reconnect with them, because usually it is "NO, for now”

- if they say nothing- add them back to your 100 List and reconnect with them again soon

4) Customers List
- this can be a written list or the virtual list that you can find in your back office, these are still potential challengers for future groups AND potential coaches!

5) Invited Coaching & Coaches List

  • building a successful coaching biz is about helping others help more people! So building a team is important!
  • be sure to track every name of every person you have said “Have you ever considered coaching to help with…” 
  • If they say yes simply move them to a “Coach List” 
  • If they say no, or “no for now” ,  put them back on your 100 List with a note that you asked them about coaching and reconnect with them later.  



If you are a more digital person, I recommend downloading Google Streak if you have a gmail account (or you can create a gmail account for your business related emails…use the same name as your domain name you just purchased). 

  1. Go to and download the app that will add-on to your gmail inbox.
  2. Create a new “pipeline” on the left column (where the folders are) named Beachbody 100 List
  3. In the categories, rename them “My 100 List” “Contacted” “Invited” “Customers” “Invited Coaching” “Coaches” - this will keep everything organized just like the binder but digitally. 
  4. Every time you get an email address, add them to your 100 List by creating a “box”. And you can even put a note about where you met them. 
  5. Follow the same steps with this as you would with a physical list!  


==> Once you have a "100 List" & a working system, it becomes easy to keep track of how many people you are moving to your Contacted List every day, and how many people you are moving to your Invited List every day, and it can become a game to see how many people you can add to your Customers List each week / each month.

In maintaining these 6 lists, your business is sure to grow as long as you are committed to constantly moving names & changing lives!!


HOMEWORK: Buy OR set up a 1 inch 3 ring binder with at least 50 sheets of paper in it. And put your 100 List in the first page =) and start moving names today! OR download Streak for free for your gmail account & start collecting email addresses and creating boxes. 


I am so excited to see how this helps you in your business to grow and shine! You are a rockstar! Talk with you tomorrow!