Day 6- Establishing a problem & finding a solution

Welcome back to training! Have I mentioned how AWESOME you are doing! I am so proud of you for checking in every day and being SO eager to learn all this important information, tips & tools to help you have a successful Beachbody business & live your dreams!! 

You have been practicing your 3 vital behaviors, connecting with your 100 list, relationships with old friends & family and inviting people to join your first challenge. Being genuine is always your best bet when it comes to gaining rapport, sharing free information allows people to let their guard down, being true to yourself and your journey allows people to connect with YOU. You don’t need to lead with any agenda to sell… just be really familiar with all of the solutions you have for people in regards to fitness, nutrition, energy, vitamins, sculpting, and skin care so that you're prepared to offer it as a suggestion when they make mention of their issue/problem/goal. And when finances are an issue, realize you have THAT as a solution too because you have a business opportunity where they build it WHILE they're on a journey to get fitter and healthier!

In conversation with your 100 list, you can ask about subjects that bring about an issue/problem/goal YOU have an solution for. Here are some questions you can ask to bring up Beachbody solutions: 

What do you do to stay in shape?

Are you excited for bikini season?

What is your main fitness goal?

Do you enjoy working out & eating healthy too? 

What is your favorite healthy food?

Would you consider yourself a healthy eater?

That’s a cool job, do you love it?

Now that you just had your baby, are you going to stay home with him or do you have to go back to work soon?

Do you see how these can bring up “Oh i just don’t have time… I wish I could lose 10 more pounds… My favorite food is x, what is yours?” all of these questions offer you the opportunity to help your friends & family with their problems & goals. Guess what that means- you get to help them live their dreams! =D Yaay! 


HOMEWORK: ask questions that will establish a problem with 2-3 people today, so you can help your friends find a solution with Beachbody products & programs! 


Have a great day! See you tomorrow!