Day 7- Introducing the Business opportunity

Have you ever considered doing what I do to help you with ______? 


Where have you heard this question before?- probably from me when I invited you to be a coach. When you’re introducing the business to someone, it should be ONLY because they've said something in conversation & that statement led you to believe they have a problem/situation/need that could be helped with the coaching business. So you're NOT bringing it up out of the blue. You're bringing it up as a possible solution:


"have you ever considered doing what I do to help with _______?”

—>Maybe they need more money, a better career, or a more balanced lifestyle, a more rewarding line of work, a discount on Shakeology or programs, maybe they're already inspiring people in fitness and this just gives them more solutions to offer people, or maybe they just want something positive in their life that will also help them get healthier.

Whatever it is, have your ears WIDE OPEN to these issues so that you can simply ask “Well have you ever considered coaching to help with ______?” <—This question is how you introduce the business to someone.

You’re just introducing the THOUGHT at this point. You’re planting a seed of interest and nothing more.

Track who you’ve asked the question to regardless of their level of interest when they reply. Some of the LEAST interested people are interested LATER. Follow up on it at some point when it’s appropriate. 


HOMEWORK: Add another Invited list to your 3 ring binder to track who you’ve asked: “Have you ever considered doing fitness full time from home to help with _____?” 

Ask this question to *at least* 5 people per week, track those names on your official list so that you know who could potentially benefit from this business. THIS IS CRITICAL TO YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS. It takes asking a minimum of 10 people before you can expect that 3 of them will join you in time. Therefore expect MOSTLY disinterest.. AND don’t expect any of them to outwardly show immediate interest.. it very rarely happens that way. I was very skeptical at first. It took me 2 months of researching the products (secretly without telling Jenelle) before I decided this business WAS for me. I had been involved in TOO many network marketing companies already… But I am so glad I joined Jenelle and I am so excited to share my tips with you on how to live your Beachbody dream too! See you tomorrow!