Day 8- Overcoming objections

Welcome back! You are doing SO great! Thank you for coming back each day to learn and build a strong foundation for your business. Every day that you practice your 3 vital behaviors and begin conversations with your List of 100 names, you take a step closer to living your dream and I am so excited for you! 

Are you hearing objections? Of course you are! If you aren’t it means you really aren't asking enough people. So let’s be real, EVERYONE hears them regardless of how successful your business becomes. In fact, the most successful people are the ones who’ve received the most objections. The difference between them and people who aren’t successful: they’ve mastered the art of overcoming the objections and knowing when to just be their friend and move on from the business or fitness conversation. 


What are some of the things you have heard and how you overcame them? Your first step is to always relate to what they've said.

Make a list of every objection you can think of, along with what you think the appropriate response would be... this isn't easy and I don't believe there is a script that works for every person or every situation.. the key is to know who you are talking to and what their needs/goals are .. and to know the difference between clarifying a misconception and trying to drag/convince someone (you want to avoid the latter).


This is something that will come more naturally with time- as you fall more deeply in love with the amazing programs & products Beachbody has to offer. Sharing your personal experience is the BEST way to encourage people (friends & family) to join you along your journey. 


HOMEWORK: Make a list of every objection you can think of and come up with ideas of how you can overcome that objection. Please check in with your 3 vital behaviors & share some of the objections from your list below: 

If you ever get stumped on an objection (this happened to me a lot in the beginning) just send me a text 561 801 6878 and I will get back to you asap! =) Have a great day