Day 9- Following up with invites & Asking for referrals

Hey Rockstar! You are staying strong and moving towards your dreams every day you check in and learn from this training. 


As you approach the starting date of your first challenge group (i.e. a week or 2 before Day 1 of your challenge), follow up with ALL who were initially interested; even if they only clicked “like” on the post. It’s normal if no one has committed to a purchase yet. Revisit their goals. Let them know you’ve reserved them a spot and ask “Are you still planning to get X program to help them achieve Y goal? I’d love to see you hit that goal and I know a structured program and meal plan will get you results!” Be prepared for only a small % to commit & be ok with that… others will join a challenge later! 


Two weeks into your group, post:

“Hey guys! I’m going to be promoting my next challenge group soon, if you know anyone who would be interested in the next one, let me know!” 

Don’t be afraid to ask everyone you know for referrals. Even if a friend isn’t interested in joining one of your Challenge Groups they might know someone who is. Expanding your network through referrals is a great way to add contacts to your always changing 100 list. 


About 2 weeks in, also post in the group: 

“Do you want to know how to sign up as a Coach and host your OWN challenges to make a little side income while keeping yourself accountable? As you can see, you don’t need to be a fitness professional or personal trainer to lead a group, it is just a FUN way to support others” 

You’ll notice some members who are more active in the group, more supportive of others, and naturally more upbeat about the process… they may even be the same ones who are seeing the most results.

You can individually message good coach candidates with “hey__, you’ve been doing awesome in the group and are so supportive of others. I can’t help but think you’d make such a great coach. Have you ever considered something like this?”



  • think about your friends & family & jot down the names of 5 people you know that have lots of friends. Then reach out to all 5 & send an email or message like this "Hey __ how are you? As you probably know, I've started online fitness support thru Beachbody. I'm doing a fitness challenge/accountability group starting on X date via a private facebook group.. it's X days of support with fitness and nutrition, and it's free with any purchase of a meal replacement shake or fitness program like P90X, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, etc. I have lost x lbs doing y program and I’m loving it! Just thought I'd check since you know so many people...Do you know anyone who might be interested in the next one?" Chances are, you'll get some replies like "no but i'll let you know if i do!" ..even with that, you've planted a seed. When they need help in the future they'll likely come to you! Or you'll get "hmm.. i actually might want to do that! what does it entail?" Either way, you're planting seeds & can help them in the future.


Have a great day!