Building your Biz

Day 1- Beachbody best deals & Your favorite products

Welcome back! You are doing so awesome & staying on track towards living your dreams! Knowing & practicing the 3 Vital Behaviors is equally as important as your 100 list. So make sure you always are focusing on those 4 things! 

You most likely already have some Beachbody products that you love. Today, I want you to come up with a list of your 3 favorite products and 3 reasons why you love them so much! For example, my 3 favorite products are:

  1. Shakeology- it helps reduce my cravings, gives me energy & its full of the superfood nutrition I need as an athlete
  2. PiYo- keeps my core strong, my muscles flexible & keeps me balanced for skiing
  3. Turbo Fire- its fun, cardio & core to the max

When you know your favorite products & programs, its easy to recommend them to your friends and family without trying to sell them. Simply tell them WHY you love them so much & maybe they will want to try them too!

And Beachbody has sales every month too- this is to help our customers get on track towards living their dreams for a great price! You can find the monthly promotions by going and signing in to your account then click - COACH - COACH ONLINE OFFICE - INCENTIVES & REWARDS - CURRENT PROMOTIONS 

This is 2 awesome ways for you share your favorite programs with the your family & friends! 

HOMEWORK: Please check in with your 3 Vital Behaviors: 

1) Invite 2) Be a Product of the Product 3) Personal Development 

AND Please share your 3 favorite Beachbody products & 3 reasons why you love them so much! =)

You are totally awesome! I can’t wait to tell you more about how to build a successful business! See you tomorrow!

Day 2- The 5 Step Invitation Process

Hey Rockstar! Thanks for checking in!! Continue to check in here every day to keep getting tools to help you live your dreams & build a super successful Beachbody business. You are doing so awesome!

So, I was fully prepared to create my own invitation process that works. The books I have read have really molded my thinking and made me want to come up with an very effective invitation process… turns out Beachbody already read the books and came up with this 5 step invitation process for us! Read it over…it really makes sense!

The MOST important things about the 5 step invitation process:

1) BUILD a relationships before inviting

2) Be GENUINE and ask questions to find the program that is best for your potential customer

3) ASK “if I ____, Would YOU ____?” <== This is SOO effective!! 

4) FOLLOW up when you said you would =) 

5) Once they have decided to commit, send them the options like these (be sure to include 1 ‘challenge pack’, one ‘fitness only’, one ‘nutrition only’, and one ‘coach’ option): 

“So you would have a couple of options on what you would want to participate in for the group:

1) CHALLENGE PACK: Fitness & Nutrition-PiYo 60 day fitness program PLUS a 30 day supply of a superfood protein / meal replacement shake "Shakeology" ($160) <<< I HIGHLY recommend this!! 

2) Fitness Only: PiYo 60 day fitness program- 8 different workouts from upper body strength to cardio to core. PLUS a bonus workout. ($60)

3) Nutrition Only: 30 day supply of the superfood protein shake "Shakeology" that is packed with vitamins, minerals, pre + probiotics, antioxidants, phytonutrients, digestive enzymes & protein. Shakeology is the only balanced meal replacement shake on the market & it is designed to eliminate deficiencies & cravings while increasing metabolism, immunity & energy. It is even clinically proven to help people lose weight & lower blood pressure and cholesterol. PLUS receive the 3 day REFRESH which is a gentle cleanse that includes real food. It helps to reset your system to get you on track to achieving your goals! ($140)

4) COACH: This is what I did. Sign up as a coach for FREE with the purchase of a CHALLENGE PACK and join me in encouraging friends & family to live a healthier lifestyle. As a coach you will receive 25% commission from all sales AND receive a 25% discount on all future orders. ($140) (NOTE: if you find that this person may be a really good candidate to be a coach ... even just to receive a discount, then make sure you recommend this option...this is also planting a seed for people) 

Which option do you think is best for you?

I am excited for you to join my group! Do you have any questions?”

HOMEWORK: Share the names of the 2-3 people you practiced this 5 step invitation process with (try with your family & close friends first so you can get right to the inviting ;) )

Have a great day!

Day 3- Purchasing a Domain Name

Steps to Buying Your Own Web Address

(1 year for as low as $2.99 one-time fee for the whole year via

The goal here is to buy a URL that’s shorter than ! is where I was referred to buy my URL and I’m so glad I did!

    1.    Go to 

    2.    Click on “Create a New Account” in text somewhere near the top of the home page.

    3.    Enter all of the required fields

    4.    Write down your login and password so that you can manage this acct in the future if need be.

    5.    Once completed, it will take you back to the home page, but you are now “logged in”

    6.    Type in the Search Bar towards the top, the desired URL name you want, ex:, 

    7.    Keep trying until it says you have found one that’s “available”. You don’t want one that’s a “premium”

    8.    Once you’ve decided on one, check the .com box 

    9.    Ignore additional promotions - At the bottom of the page, click “proceed to checkout”

    10.    There may be more additional offerings, but find the “no thanks, proceed” and continue

    11.    Click on the boxes to agree to the terms

    12.    Continue to click on to your payment method and pay

    13.    Once the URL has been purchased it will take you back to the home page

    14.    Click on “Domains”, then “My Domains”

    15.    Click on the folder “Saved Searches” and then “Unfiled”

    16.    To the right, your new URL should show

    17.    Click in the check box directly to the left of your new URL to enable the icons at the top

    18.    Click the GREEN ARROW for “forwarding” and click “Enable Forwarding”

    19.    Type your team beachbody address, example: NOTE: you MUST use http:// or it won’t work.

    20.    Click on the “301 moved permanently” box


Within about 24 hrs or less, you’ll be able to go online and test it to make sure it works. Just type in whatever address you bought, example and it should take you directly to your webpage. This is the page your customers will buy from!  

HOMEWORK: Go search on for a web address of your choice. I highly recommend purchasing your domain if you are serious about working your biz! Please check in with your 3 vital behaviors for today: 1) How many did you invite? 2) What was your workout? 3) Did you listen to or read PD?

Day 4- Freemium List Building

    Now that you have your first domain name for your Beachbody site, you may want to consider creating an email lead website too. But first you need to create something (digitally) free that you can offer your followers when they give you their email address. This is called a ‘freemium’ or a ‘lead magnet’. 


    Once you have been in the biz for about 3 months or so, you will need to begin attracting new customers (which you learned how to do in the social media training). So once they are following you, you may have connected with them beginning to F.O.R.M a relationship. It is really great when you can attract your followers to your FREEMIUM where they will give you their email address in exchange for the information you have given them for free. Then you can take them on a customer journey this is where the real relationship begins…but until you have their email address, all you have is a hookup style relationship…and nobody wants that right?!


    So here’s my best advice on how to create a freemium:

  1. Stick to your brand! Remember the list of 10 things you love? thats you! Create something that you can share with people that will attract people who love what you love! 
  2. Stick to what you are good at! It can be your grocery list, or a short ebook about your 10 ways you love to use coconut oil, maybe you can share with your fans how to take an awesome selfie! ie. my freemium is about goal setting. 
  3. Avoid selling in your freemium! This is a FREE gift you give to your new friends & followers to say “thanks for following & giving me your email address”! This is free information NOT a sales pitch! 
  4. Avoid giving away too much free info about fitness & nutrition! When people seek information from you, they have a need. When you give them something free about fitness & nutrition, we may think its a teaser, but really, it’s a solution to that problem…for free. So they are less likely to immediately join a challenge because you have already offered them a temporary solution to their problem (for now).

    Once you have created your freemium, it’s best to purchase another domain name to bring people to your lead collector page- a simple website that takes the email addresses, and secures them in a list online (like aWebber or Constant Contact… I use mail chimp now but apparently they don’t support MLM and I can lose all my list & content at any time so I will be switching ASAP!) Most lead collectors also allow you to create a simple attractive blog like page where people will land when they click on your web address (your link from your social media pages). 


    An example of a lead collection page is: - Chalene has a separate website BUT in order to get the exact freemium you are searching for: Periscope is Dope, she offers a landing page separate from her website so people don’t get distracted and they get exactly what they came for! And this is the best way to build your email list. 



-Go check out and see how a lead collector looks / works

-Come up with 3 Freemium Topics that you could confidently share information with your followers about… NOT relating to fitness & nutrition…list them below (& text me so I can help you narrow it down 561 801 6878) 


I can’t wait to see how you are going to serve your followers and what you are going to offer them for FREE!! Have an awesome day!

Day 5- Working your 100 List

    Hey super star! How are you doing with your 3 Vital Behaviors? Do you enjoy listening to your Personal Development as much as I do? I hope so & I hope you begin to see the benefits in ALL areas of your life! =) 

    Now that you have been working your 100 list a little bit & sharing your favorite products with your friends and family. It is time to come up with a system that works for YOU to track your invites! Tracking is an incredibly important strength to develop as a Beachbody coach because the power of this business is in the follow up! Once we can be organized, sending an email to 15-50 people to follow up is easy! Its easy to invite these people to challenges too as long as we have already developed a relationship. So following up is key. and Tracking is the only way to be able to know who you have connected with! 

    This is a way I have found that works really well to keep everything organized in a 3 ring binder with LOTS of paper…use 1 line per name =) (take me back to middle school!!) :

  1. Your 100 List
  • you already have this list of 100 very valuable names of nice people you like- remember this list is your roadmap!
  • add names to your 100 list as you meet new nice people who you like always keep this list at 100!! (you will see below why this list will be always changing)

2) Contacted List
- once you begin connecting with the people on your 100 List, you can begin moving their names to your Contacted List - this list should grow by 2-3 people per day so the newest are always at the bottom
- move names to this list once you have reconnected, started conversation, but have not yet invited them 

3) Invited List
- once you have reconnected, you can begin to invite your friends from your Contacted List to join you in a challenge (you should be aiming to invite 2-3 per day)
- if they say YES and purchase a program / product, move them to your Customer List
- if they say NO- ask them if they may be interested in the future and re-write their name on your "100 List" with a date to reconnect with them, because usually it is "NO, for now”

- if they say nothing- add them back to your 100 List and reconnect with them again soon

4) Customers List
- this can be a written list or the virtual list that you can find in your back office, these are still potential challengers for future groups AND potential coaches!

5) Invited Coaching & Coaches List

  • building a successful coaching biz is about helping others help more people! So building a team is important!
  • be sure to track every name of every person you have said “Have you ever considered coaching to help with…” 
  • If they say yes simply move them to a “Coach List” 
  • If they say no, or “no for now” ,  put them back on your 100 List with a note that you asked them about coaching and reconnect with them later.  



If you are a more digital person, I recommend downloading Google Streak if you have a gmail account (or you can create a gmail account for your business related emails…use the same name as your domain name you just purchased). 

  1. Go to and download the app that will add-on to your gmail inbox.
  2. Create a new “pipeline” on the left column (where the folders are) named Beachbody 100 List
  3. In the categories, rename them “My 100 List” “Contacted” “Invited” “Customers” “Invited Coaching” “Coaches” - this will keep everything organized just like the binder but digitally. 
  4. Every time you get an email address, add them to your 100 List by creating a “box”. And you can even put a note about where you met them. 
  5. Follow the same steps with this as you would with a physical list!  


==> Once you have a "100 List" & a working system, it becomes easy to keep track of how many people you are moving to your Contacted List every day, and how many people you are moving to your Invited List every day, and it can become a game to see how many people you can add to your Customers List each week / each month.

In maintaining these 6 lists, your business is sure to grow as long as you are committed to constantly moving names & changing lives!!


HOMEWORK: Buy OR set up a 1 inch 3 ring binder with at least 50 sheets of paper in it. And put your 100 List in the first page =) and start moving names today! OR download Streak for free for your gmail account & start collecting email addresses and creating boxes. 


I am so excited to see how this helps you in your business to grow and shine! You are a rockstar! Talk with you tomorrow! 

Day 6- Establishing a problem & finding a solution

Welcome back to training! Have I mentioned how AWESOME you are doing! I am so proud of you for checking in every day and being SO eager to learn all this important information, tips & tools to help you have a successful Beachbody business & live your dreams!! 

You have been practicing your 3 vital behaviors, connecting with your 100 list, relationships with old friends & family and inviting people to join your first challenge. Being genuine is always your best bet when it comes to gaining rapport, sharing free information allows people to let their guard down, being true to yourself and your journey allows people to connect with YOU. You don’t need to lead with any agenda to sell… just be really familiar with all of the solutions you have for people in regards to fitness, nutrition, energy, vitamins, sculpting, and skin care so that you're prepared to offer it as a suggestion when they make mention of their issue/problem/goal. And when finances are an issue, realize you have THAT as a solution too because you have a business opportunity where they build it WHILE they're on a journey to get fitter and healthier!

In conversation with your 100 list, you can ask about subjects that bring about an issue/problem/goal YOU have an solution for. Here are some questions you can ask to bring up Beachbody solutions: 

What do you do to stay in shape?

Are you excited for bikini season?

What is your main fitness goal?

Do you enjoy working out & eating healthy too? 

What is your favorite healthy food?

Would you consider yourself a healthy eater?

That’s a cool job, do you love it?

Now that you just had your baby, are you going to stay home with him or do you have to go back to work soon?

Do you see how these can bring up “Oh i just don’t have time… I wish I could lose 10 more pounds… My favorite food is x, what is yours?” all of these questions offer you the opportunity to help your friends & family with their problems & goals. Guess what that means- you get to help them live their dreams! =D Yaay! 


HOMEWORK: ask questions that will establish a problem with 2-3 people today, so you can help your friends find a solution with Beachbody products & programs! 


Have a great day! See you tomorrow! 


Day 7- Introducing the Business opportunity

Have you ever considered doing what I do to help you with ______? 


Where have you heard this question before?- probably from me when I invited you to be a coach. When you’re introducing the business to someone, it should be ONLY because they've said something in conversation & that statement led you to believe they have a problem/situation/need that could be helped with the coaching business. So you're NOT bringing it up out of the blue. You're bringing it up as a possible solution:


"have you ever considered doing what I do to help with _______?”

—>Maybe they need more money, a better career, or a more balanced lifestyle, a more rewarding line of work, a discount on Shakeology or programs, maybe they're already inspiring people in fitness and this just gives them more solutions to offer people, or maybe they just want something positive in their life that will also help them get healthier.

Whatever it is, have your ears WIDE OPEN to these issues so that you can simply ask “Well have you ever considered coaching to help with ______?” <—This question is how you introduce the business to someone.

You’re just introducing the THOUGHT at this point. You’re planting a seed of interest and nothing more.

Track who you’ve asked the question to regardless of their level of interest when they reply. Some of the LEAST interested people are interested LATER. Follow up on it at some point when it’s appropriate. 


HOMEWORK: Add another Invited list to your 3 ring binder to track who you’ve asked: “Have you ever considered doing fitness full time from home to help with _____?” 

Ask this question to *at least* 5 people per week, track those names on your official list so that you know who could potentially benefit from this business. THIS IS CRITICAL TO YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS. It takes asking a minimum of 10 people before you can expect that 3 of them will join you in time. Therefore expect MOSTLY disinterest.. AND don’t expect any of them to outwardly show immediate interest.. it very rarely happens that way. I was very skeptical at first. It took me 2 months of researching the products (secretly without telling Jenelle) before I decided this business WAS for me. I had been involved in TOO many network marketing companies already… But I am so glad I joined Jenelle and I am so excited to share my tips with you on how to live your Beachbody dream too! See you tomorrow!

Day 8- Overcoming objections

Welcome back! You are doing SO great! Thank you for coming back each day to learn and build a strong foundation for your business. Every day that you practice your 3 vital behaviors and begin conversations with your List of 100 names, you take a step closer to living your dream and I am so excited for you! 

Are you hearing objections? Of course you are! If you aren’t it means you really aren't asking enough people. So let’s be real, EVERYONE hears them regardless of how successful your business becomes. In fact, the most successful people are the ones who’ve received the most objections. The difference between them and people who aren’t successful: they’ve mastered the art of overcoming the objections and knowing when to just be their friend and move on from the business or fitness conversation. 


What are some of the things you have heard and how you overcame them? Your first step is to always relate to what they've said.

Make a list of every objection you can think of, along with what you think the appropriate response would be... this isn't easy and I don't believe there is a script that works for every person or every situation.. the key is to know who you are talking to and what their needs/goals are .. and to know the difference between clarifying a misconception and trying to drag/convince someone (you want to avoid the latter).


This is something that will come more naturally with time- as you fall more deeply in love with the amazing programs & products Beachbody has to offer. Sharing your personal experience is the BEST way to encourage people (friends & family) to join you along your journey. 


HOMEWORK: Make a list of every objection you can think of and come up with ideas of how you can overcome that objection. Please check in with your 3 vital behaviors & share some of the objections from your list below: 

If you ever get stumped on an objection (this happened to me a lot in the beginning) just send me a text 561 801 6878 and I will get back to you asap! =) Have a great day

Day 9- Following up with invites & Asking for referrals

Hey Rockstar! You are staying strong and moving towards your dreams every day you check in and learn from this training. 


As you approach the starting date of your first challenge group (i.e. a week or 2 before Day 1 of your challenge), follow up with ALL who were initially interested; even if they only clicked “like” on the post. It’s normal if no one has committed to a purchase yet. Revisit their goals. Let them know you’ve reserved them a spot and ask “Are you still planning to get X program to help them achieve Y goal? I’d love to see you hit that goal and I know a structured program and meal plan will get you results!” Be prepared for only a small % to commit & be ok with that… others will join a challenge later! 


Two weeks into your group, post:

“Hey guys! I’m going to be promoting my next challenge group soon, if you know anyone who would be interested in the next one, let me know!” 

Don’t be afraid to ask everyone you know for referrals. Even if a friend isn’t interested in joining one of your Challenge Groups they might know someone who is. Expanding your network through referrals is a great way to add contacts to your always changing 100 list. 


About 2 weeks in, also post in the group: 

“Do you want to know how to sign up as a Coach and host your OWN challenges to make a little side income while keeping yourself accountable? As you can see, you don’t need to be a fitness professional or personal trainer to lead a group, it is just a FUN way to support others” 

You’ll notice some members who are more active in the group, more supportive of others, and naturally more upbeat about the process… they may even be the same ones who are seeing the most results.

You can individually message good coach candidates with “hey__, you’ve been doing awesome in the group and are so supportive of others. I can’t help but think you’d make such a great coach. Have you ever considered something like this?”



  • think about your friends & family & jot down the names of 5 people you know that have lots of friends. Then reach out to all 5 & send an email or message like this "Hey __ how are you? As you probably know, I've started online fitness support thru Beachbody. I'm doing a fitness challenge/accountability group starting on X date via a private facebook group.. it's X days of support with fitness and nutrition, and it's free with any purchase of a meal replacement shake or fitness program like P90X, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, etc. I have lost x lbs doing y program and I’m loving it! Just thought I'd check since you know so many people...Do you know anyone who might be interested in the next one?" Chances are, you'll get some replies like "no but i'll let you know if i do!" ..even with that, you've planted a seed. When they need help in the future they'll likely come to you! Or you'll get "hmm.. i actually might want to do that! what does it entail?" Either way, you're planting seeds & can help them in the future.


Have a great day!

Day 10- Avenues of Income

Are you as excited as I am about Beachbody yet? Are you seeing how practicing the 3 Vital Behaviors makes you a better person in ALL areas of your life? Are you seeing how helping people get on track towards living their dreams can help you get on track with living yours too? Are you seeing how Beachbody rewards us as coaches for carrying out that very important mission? 

Today I want to share with you HOW we make money as a Beachbody coach.

  1. Commissions from your online store- every time someone orders from your website ( you earn 25% of their order
  2. Commissions from recurring orders from Shakeology & BB Club- when customers sign up to receive Shakeology HD or register for the Beachbody Club, you will earn 25% on their recurring orders
  3. Commissions from recurring SC Lead Customers Shakeology & BB Club- when your Success Club Lead Customers sign up to receive Shakeology HD or register for the Beachbody Club, you will earn 25% on their recurring orders too!
  4. Team Cycle Bonus-  Once you achieve Emerald Status then you are eligible to receive a Team Cycle Bonus. This is going to be a huge revenue stream once your team grows & you are leading successful Beachbody coaches & helping people live their dreams. 

    ==> Here’s how it works:

Every time the right OR left leg of your business accumulates 100 PV AND the other leg of your business accumulates 200 PV in a week, you will receive $14 as an Emerald coach. (as you rank advance you get more per cycle) 

ie) if you have 4 coaches on your Right leg and they share 900 PV of products with their customers + you have 6 coaches on your Left leg and they share 1800 PV of product with their customers, you will team cycle 9 x and I will make $126 from your Team Cycle Bonus. 

Now imagine what happens if you are a Diamond coach earning $18 each time your Team Cycles and you have 15 coaches in your downline Right and 20 on your downline Left working their businesses… then imagine how this Team Cycle Bonus will look when you have 100-1000 coaches in your downline working their businesses… See the potential of this simple revenue stream? 

This is ALL you need to know for now about generating income & passive income with your Beachbody business. 


Please check in with your 3 Vital Behaviors 

1) Invite2) Be a Product of the Product 3) Personal Development

For now, as long as you focus on your 3 Vital Behaviors, you will begin to see your confidence, your team and your bank account grow! Because YOU ARE AWESOME!! I am so excited to connect with you again tomorrow!

Day 11- What is your Beachbody Dream?

Hey there!! So I hope the last couple days has been giving your reasons to dream BIG with your Beachbody business. The truth is, I wouldn’t have shared this amazing opportunity with you, if I didn’t think you have what it takes to be a rockstar coach! 

Today I want to have some fun with you! First I want you to write down your biggest strengths that can help others. For instance: 

  1. I am passionate about & love learning about fitness & nutrition!
  2. I am really good at teaching people!
  3. I want everyone to know how to be healthier!

 So, write down at least 3-5 things that can give you confidence about what you have to offer others. 

Next, I want you to dream about where you want Beachbody to take you. 

Do you simply want to earn your Shakeology for free?

Can you see yourself as an Emerald Coach hitting success club every month this year? 

Can you see yourself in the Beachbody top 10 being recognized on stage at Summit? 

Do you want to pay off your debt? 

Do you have a dream house / dream vacation that you can’t afford right now - that Beachbody can help you make a reality?

Can you imagine yourself making over $1 million with Beachbody?

This is about making a BIG dream- imagine the life you would LOVE to have, the recognition you want to receive, the time you get to spend with your family bc you are earning money from home, the vacations you get to go on that are paid for by Beachbody, or other family vacations that you can pay for—you don’t have to completely believe your Beachbody Dream yet, but at least if you tell me your ultimate dream, I can help you make a plan on how to get there!! 

HOMEWORK: Please share your Beachbody Dream

I am here for you! You are awesome! I can’t wait to help you live your dreams!! See you tomorrow!

Day 12- Setting Your Priorities

Hello Rockstar!! Thank you for sharing your Beachbody Dream with me! I am so excited to help you get on track to truly live that dream! Isn’t this fun!?

In order to make a dream a reality you must first set your priorities. Today, I would like for you to place in, 3 different groups, these 9 values :

1- Faith 

2- Family 

3- Fitness / Nutrition 

4- Friends 

5- Fun / Hobbies 

6- Finance  

7- Personal Time & Personal Development 

8- Personal Life / Love Life 

9- Career 

In GROUP 1- place the 3 values that come easiest to you- the things you don’t really need to think about / you are just naturally good at this area of your life.

In GROUP 2- place the 3 values that are most important to you - the things you care most about even though you may need to work harder to do well in this area.

In GROUP 3- place the 3 values that are left over - these things may still be important to sprinkle in, but they are not as significantly important to taking up the majority of your time. 

HOMEWORK: So now you should have 3 groups of 3 values. Please share your 3 groups below. =)

Does this help you to see your priorities laid out like this? I hope it does! Check back tomorrow where I will share how you can make clear goals that align with our priorities.

Day 13- Set your dream a goal

Welcome back! I am so excited to share these tips & tools with you to help you get on track to living your dreams!! I hope you made your 3 priority lists yesterday because now we are going to use those lists to create goals. 

Now it gets serious… Does your Beachbody dream align with your priorities? 

—>If yes, GREAT! 

—> If not, are you willing to re-prioritize to bring you closer to your dream? OR are you willing to be okay with NOT achieving your Beachbody dream as fast as you may like to? 

Let me give you an example: 

My Beachbody career fits into my priorities in Group 3! Even though I am doing extremely well with my business, I spend far less time doing it than I would if it was in my Group 1 or 2… which means, I am effective with the time I spend doing Beachbody AND I am okay with my business growing slower than it could if I devoted more time to it. Does this make sense? 

I don’t recommend Beachbody being a group 1 or group 2priority nor do I recommend it being in group 3…this is YOUR journey and its YOUR dream. Allow your heart to lead you in the direction of your dream, and begin there. 

Now that you have your priorities aligned with your Beachbody dream, set a SMART stepping stone goal that you will push to achieve. 

For example: I am an Emerald Ranked Beachbody coach on x date (4-6 weeks from now) because I honored my priorities, practiced the 3 Vital Behaviors, and asked 3 people per week if they have ever considered coaching. 

*Be sure to write it down as if you have already achieved your goal. And make sure it includes all the (SMART) pieces:

S- (specific)- asked 3 people per week if they have ever considered coaching (how did you do it?)

M- (measurable)- Emerald Rank (a stranger could recognize this was achieved on paper)

A- (attainable)- practiced the 3 Vital Behaviors (proven to work)

R- (realistic)- honored my priorities (realistic commitment) 

T- (time-bound)- by x date (1-4 weeks on small goals up to 1 year for large goals)

HOMEWORK: Please share your SMART stepping stone goal below. Then follow the same process to set your Beachbody Dream Goal! 

I am so excited to see your plan put to paper. I am so proud of you for taking this process seriously and moving forward with your Beachbody business! Tomorrow we will break down the stepping stone goal even further and you will be well on your way to living your dreams.

DAY 14- To Do Lists & Establishing Working Hours

Hello Rockstar!

You have established your priorities, you have created your Beachbody dream and you have created SMART goals to step you in the right direction of your dream. Now it is time to create a to do list. 

Create a daily to do list every morning before you begin your day. Make sure there are at least 5 things that you can successfully complete on your list. Take a bite sized piece. For example: My goal is to have this training completed and uploaded to my new website by June 1… On my to do list I include 1 post per day. If I do more, great, but each day I am successful when I write a post. 

I don’t care what is on your list, just make sure your tasks lead you one step closer to your goals and your dream life! =) 

Things I include on my to do list are: 

  • go grocery shopping (and the list)
  • go to bank
  • respond to Jon about binding
  • reply to facebook messages
  • post on social media about nutrition
  • vacuum downstairs 
  • send photos to Kate for website

Do you see how all of these activities can be completed and are important to be completed on my daily to do list?

You can then create a weekly list of less urgent things you need to get done this week:

  • go to health food store (and the list)
  • buy sharpie markers
  • ship thank you card / challenge group prizes 

Do you see how these activities can get done this week but are not urgent? 

Finally you can create a monthly to do list that has a deadline of the end of the month:

  • get a roofing quote
  • complete new coach training
  • pay insurance
  • declutter the garage 
  • launch website 

Do you see how these activities are less urgent, and may need to be broken down into smaller tasks? 

Having a to do list will eliminate pressure and anxiety and allow you to be more productive each day. Don’t you feel better already?

Finally, establish working hours for your Beachbody business. This is important so that you can honor your priorities and still push yourself to accomplish your goals in your business. This makes you more effective with the time you DO have to work. I understand you may have 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening… you can still grow a very lucrative business in those 60 minutes as long as you are focused! Find some time in your schedule where you can dedicate 60 minutes-3 hours (dedicated means NO distractions, no cell phone, no music playing, no one around) a day to the 3 Vital Behaviors (all 3, don’t skip one) and pushing towards your dream life. You can do it, you deserve to do it! 


How did you do with your 3 Vital Behaviors today?

What are your Beachbody working hours?

You made it! This is day 21 of your New Coach Training! I have shared with you the basics of your new business to help you be SUPER successful right out of the gates. 

Please continue training by completing the 7 Day Social Media Training AND please text me 561 801 6878 to tell me you have completed this 21 Day New Coach Training. I personally work with my coaches who are going for emerald, ruby & diamond. So I know I will be in touch with you! 

I am so proud of you! Talk soon! xox Whit