NEW COACH TRAINING Kate: (organized into 4 weeks (Day 1-7) (8-14) (15-21) (Social Media) and login required) 

Day 1: Introduction

Welcome to Team Fit Hope Love! 

Before we get started, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on taking your first step towards living your dreams! 

You are SO awesome & I am SO excited to work with you & share tools to help you plan for success in your brand new business! 

My name is Whitney McClintock and I’m a World Champion Waterskier. I am a hardworking athlete who has a crazy passion for fitness & nutrition & helping others. I studied Sports & Fitness at the University of Central Florida and graduated top of my class with a 4.0. Soon after graduating, I realized that…there is no place in the “REAL WORLD” job market for a full-time athlete! So, I tried some network marketing companies…but I was not really interested in what they had to offer. Then i met Jenelle Summers, who introduced me to Beachbody. Jenelle is the #1 top earning coach in the company, she is the best of the best and one of the most humble and wonderful women I have ever met! So, after quietly doing my research of all the products Beachbody has to offer, about 2 months later, I joined Team Hardcore in Feb 2014! Now, I am proud to say, Beachbody has helped me grow SO much as a person & I am living my dreams & my goal is to help YOU live YOURS too! yaay! =D 

Here is how it’s going to work:

Every day, I will post a video- like this one that you can watch and learn from. I will also post a corresponding message- to help you follow along & so you can keep track of your homework! 

So, lets get started! Today is day 1 of the group so can you please introduce yourself by telling us a little bit about yourself… like…

-who you are

-what you do currently for work or not work

-where you live

-why you joined BB

Tomorrow we will begin our 30 day training where I will share tools every day to help you plan for success in your life & in your business so you truly can live your dreams!

I look forward to getting to know each of you better! See you tomorrow! 


Day 2: Your 100 List

Hello Team Fit Hope Love! Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself yesterday! I am so excited to get to know each of you better as I share tools to help you plan for success in your life & in your business so you truly can live your dreams! 

Ok, so today is THE most… I repeat… THE most important thing you can do as a brand new coach to start your business off right. Please do not go to the next day of this training until you have done THIS homework. Deal?

So here’s the most important thing you can do as a brand new coach to start your business off right. Today, I would like you to create a list of 100 names of family, friends, cell phone contacts, Facebook contacts, old childhood friends, coworkers, friends from the gym, church, etc. these names can be whoever you want. Just make sure that they fit a couple criteria: 

1) You want to make sure that you personally like them and 

2) You want to make sure that they are a nice person

HOMEWORK: Take time to find 100 names but don’t worry if you haven’t talked to them in years, just make sure you like them and they are nice…and I will show you how to reconnect with them and build a trustworthy relationship with them. 

So this list will change and grow as your business grows. Names will be added and some names will be taken away. But ultimately, when you have a list, you have a plan and this is your blueprint for where you are headed for the next 30 days! Please do not skip the most important step in this journey. Please do not go on to the next day of this training until you have written a list of 100 names of nice people you like. Once you have your list, please post a picture in the comment section so I can tell you YOU’RE AWESOME!! 

I can’t wait to see your list & to continue sharing tools to help you plan for success in your life & in your business so you truly can live your dreams! See you tomorrow! 

Day 3: Your First Challenge

Hey! Thank you for being awesome! I am so proud of you for writing your list of 100 nice people you like. That list is the very first VALUABLE step in a VERY successful journey as a Beachbody coach. So thank you for writing your list before moving on to today’s training. 

So this may sound scary, or it may sound exciting to you. For me it was super exciting. But for others, you may be thinking - wait…its too soon! But trust me on this, I promise I won’t make you do ANYTHING you are not capable of. I am on your team and my goal is to help you live your dreams! 

Today, I would like you to select a start date for your very own challenge group. So this can be: 

- a fitness & nutrition group

  • a fitness challenge
  • a free 7 day accountability group for your yoga friends
  • a 5 day gallon water challenge
  • a group that you create that is FREE for the participants- this is a great way to get your foot in the door as a fitness leader & to gain loyalty from your friends & family. OR if you are ready to start making money right away, you can require a purchase from your website in order to gain access to your exclusive accountability group. 

No matter what you chose, this is where you can share your secret ingredients / your story and help others on their journey in a very personal way. 

I recommend selecting a date that is within the next month- it is a good idea to start your group on a monday. This is a fresh start for everyone and people are excited to incorporate change after some not so great habits & activities over the weekends. 

HOMEWORK: So please share below- the start date of your first challenge group & what type of group you will be hosting. 

You are doing awesome! And I look forward to sharing with you tomorrow! 


Day 4- 3 Vital Behaviors

Hey! I am so proud of you for setting your first challenge group date. This shows that you are committed to being the best you can be and that you are willing to do what it takes to live your dreams! 

Today I want to tell you about the 3 Vital Behaviors that Beachbody has established that really help us as coaches to stay on track towards achieving our goals. Whether your goal is to get Shakeology for free OR to make a 7 figure income, by keeping your priorities in line and making sure to focus on the 3 Vital Behaviors, you will see how these 3 simple steps really do move you in the right direction! 

The first Vital Behavior is INVITE- this is simply sharing the products you love so much with your family & friends. Inviting does NOT mean that you are selling / pushing your products and ultimately pushing your acquaintances away! Inviting means that you are so passionate about the products and what they are doing for you that you are excited to share them with everyone! Have you ever been to a restaurant that you just LOVE and you want to invite all your friends to go there with you? Or have you ever told your friends about a movie they HAVE to see because it was SO GOOD? Do you think you were SELLING those things to your friends? Well, yes you were, but NOT intentionally right? When you are passionate about something you want to share it with others so they can experience the same joy that you have. Every day, focus on inviting at least 3-5 people to join your next challenge group! 

The second Vital Behavior is BE A PRODUCT OF THE PRODUCT- when you drink Shakeology every day and experience the increased energy, metabolism, decreased cravings, weight loss, etc how does this make you feel? When you press play with a home fitness program that is helping you to gain strength and endurance while increasing your metabolic burn and your fat is melting away, how does that make you feel? When you check in every day to an accountability group that is helping motivate you and keep you on track towards achieving your goals, and living in the body of your dreams, how does that make you feel? This is how we fall in love with the products that Beachbody has to offer. When we experience them every day. When we see real results & have our own story to tell. When we are so passionate about them, that we can’t help but tell our friends about our story & share the products! 

The third vital behavior is PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT- this means everyday we are reading from a motivational book or listening to an audio book or podcast in the car or when you are doing chores around the house or using Success on Demand in your back office, or calling in to a Beachbody Conference call. All of these options will give you inspiration for social media posting, motivation to invite, encouragement when it feels hard, tips to make your business grow more effectively, inspiration that YOU CAN LIVE YOUR DREAMS. In addition to helping your business, Personal Development makes you better in every area of your life because you are constantly growing / learning / applying yourself / listening more / talking less / becoming a problem solver / becoming a go-getter. Personal Development makes YOU a better spouse, parent, sibling, friend AND coach.

So share your story, tell your friends and family about the amazing things you are experiencing in our life, feed yourself food to reflect the body you want; also feed yourself with inspiration to reflect the person you want to be! 

Every day it is critical that you have these 3 vital behaviors at the top of your to do list! 1) Invite 

2) Be a Product of the Product 

3) Engage in Personal Development 

I am so excited to see how your business grows as you implement these 3 Vital Behaviors. 

HOMEWORK: Today, I would like for you to share WHICH personal development book you will be reading AND which podcast you will be subscribing to. 

I will see you tomorrow to give you more tools to help you live your dreams! Have an awesome day! 


Day 5- Beachbody best deals & Your favorite products 

Welcome back! You are doing so awesome & staying on track towards living your dreams! Knowing & practicing the 3 Vital Behaviors is equally as important as your 100 list. So make sure you always are focusing on those 4 things! 

You most likely already have some Beachbody products that you love. Today, I want you to come up with a list of your 3 favorite products and 3 reasons why you love them so much! For example, my 3 favorite products are:

  1. Shakeology- it helps reduce my cravings, gives me energy & its full of the superfood nutrition I need as an athlete
  2. PiYo- keeps my core strong, my muscles flexible & keeps me balanced for skiing
  3. Turbo Fire- its fun, cardio & core to the max

When you know your favorite products & programs, its easy to recommend them to your friends and family without trying to sell them. Simply tell them WHY you love them so much & maybe they will want to try them too!

And Beachbody has sales every month too- this is to help our customers get on track towards living their dreams for a great price! You can find the monthly promotions by going and signing in to your account then click - COACH - COACH ONLINE OFFICE - INCENTIVES & REWARDS - CURRENT PROMOTIONS 

This is 2 awesome ways for you share your favorite programs with the your family & friends! 

HOMEWORK: Please check in with your 3 Vital Behaviors: 

1) Invite 2) Be a Product of the Product 3) Personal Development 

AND Please share your 3 favorite Beachbody products & 3 reasons why you love them so much! =)

You are totally awesome! I can’t wait to tell you more about how to build a successful business! See you tomorrow! 

Day 6- The 5 Step Invitation Process

Hey Rockstar! Thanks for checking in!! Continue to check in here every day to keep getting tools to help you live your dreams & build a super successful Beachbody business. You are doing so awesome!

So, I was fully prepared to create my own invitation process that works. The books I have read have really molded my thinking and made me want to come up with an very effective invitation process… turns out Beachbody already read the books and came up with this 5 step invitation process for us! Read it over…it really makes sense!

The MOST important things about the 5 step invitation process:

1) BUILD a relationships before inviting

2) Be GENUINE and ask questions to find the program that is best for your potential customer

3) ASK “if I ____, Would YOU ____?” <== This is SOO effective!! 

4) FOLLOW up when you said you would =) 

5) Once they have decided to commit, send them the options like these (be sure to include 1 ‘challenge pack’, one ‘fitness only’, one ‘nutrition only’, and one ‘coach’ option): 

“So you would have a couple of options on what you would want to participate in for the group:

1) CHALLENGE PACK: Fitness & Nutrition-PiYo 60 day fitness program PLUS a 30 day supply of a superfood protein / meal replacement shake "Shakeology" ($160) <<< I HIGHLY recommend this!! 

2) PiYO: Fitness Only: PiYo 60 day fitness program- 8 different workouts from upper body strength to cardio to core. PLUS a bonus workout. ($60)

3) SHAKEOLOGY: Nutrition Only: 30 day supply of the superfood protein shake "Shakeology" that is packed with vitamins, minerals, pre + probiotics, antioxidants, phytonutrients, digestive enzymes & protein. Shakeology is the only balanced meal replacement shake on the market & it is designed to eliminate deficiencies & cravings while increasing metabolism, immunity & energy. It is clinically proven to help people lose weight & lower blood pressure and cholesterol. ($130)

4) COACH: This is what I did. Sign up as a coach for FREE with the purchase of a CHALLENGE PACK and join me in encouraging friends & family to live a healthier lifestyle. As a coach you will receive 25% commission from all sales AND receive a 25% discount on all future orders. ($140) (NOTE: if you find that this person may be a really good candidate to be a coach ... even just to receive a discount, then make sure you recommend this option...this is also planting a seed for people) 

Which option do you think is best for you?

I am excited for you to join my first group! Do you have any questions?”

HOMEWORK: Share the names of the 2-3 people you practiced this 5 step invitation process with today (try with your family & close friends first so you can get right to the inviting ;) )

Have a great day!

Day 7- Most important PD Opportunities 

Welcome back! You are doing great! You keep coming back because you have what it takes to live your dreams, and I am so excited to be working with you!

Today I would like to share with you some of the most important Personal Development opportunities we have available to us:

—> Team Hardcore Call- our Star Diamond leader is Jenelle Summers, she is the #1 earner in Beachbody and the call for our team (anyone is Jenelle’s downline, my downline and your downline) is SO inspiring. Please make it on this call each week: 

THURSDAY’s @9PM EST by calling (619) 326-2730 and access code: 317835#

These calls will also be recorded & stored on where you can log in using TeamHardcore password: fitness 

—> National Wakeup Call- brought to us by the executives of Beachbody, get tips, hear success stories & gain confidence by listening to successful coaches. Please put this call in you calendar:

MONDAY’s @11AM EST by calling LIVE (832)225-5055 and PIN: 90405 OR for the playback recording call (832)225-5065 

—> There are also other calls stored in your back office along with other audio recordings, videos, articles and more by logging in to and clicking on SUCCESS (check it out!!)

—> Find a book if you like to read or buy the audio version… I recommend:

1) Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Bruchard

2) The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
3) Go Pro by Eric Worre
4) PUSH by Chalene Johnson

5) The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

—> Download the Podcast app on your smartphone and subscribe to The Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe

HOMEWORK: Please select at least TWO of the above Personal Development options that you can commit to doing this week. 

This should help you get started on filling your mind with inspiration that will bubble over and be shared with others! I am so excited to share more tips with you tomorrow! Make today a great day! 

Day 8- Working your 100 List 

Hey super star! How are you doing with your 3 Vital Behaviors? Do you enjoy listening to your Personal Development as much as I do? I hope so & I hope you begin to see the benefits in ALL areas of your life! =) 

Now that you have been working your 100 list a little bit & sharing your favorite products with your friends and family. It is time to come up with a system that works for YOU to track your invites! This is a way I have found that works really well to keep everything organized in a 3 ring binder with LOTS of paper…use 1 line per name =) (take me back to middle school!!) :

  1. Your 100 List
  • you already have this list of 100 very valuable names of nice people you like- remember this list is your roadmap!
  • add names to your 100 list as you meet new nice people who you like always keep this list at 100!! (you will see below why this list will be always changing)

2) Contacted List
- once you begin connecting with the people on your 100 List, you can begin moving their names to your Contacted List - this list should grow by 2-3 people per day so the newest are always at the bottom
- move names to this list once you have reconnected, started conversation, but have not yet invited them 

3) Invited List
- once you have reconnected, you can begin to invite your friends from your Contacted List to join you in a challenge (you should be aiming to invite 2-3 per day)
- if they say YES and purchase a program / product, move them to your Customer List
- if they say NO- ask them if they may be interested in the future and re-write their name on your "100 List" with a date to reconnect with them, because usually it is "NO, for now”

- if they say nothing- add them back to your 100 List and reconnect with them again soon

4) Customers List
- this can be a written list or the virtual list that you can find in your back office, these are still potential challengers for future groups AND potential coaches!

==> Once you have a "100 List" & a working system, it becomes easy to keep track of how many people you are moving to your Contacted List every day, and how many people you are moving to your Invited List every day, and it can become a game to see how many people you can add to your Customers List each week / each month.

In maintaining these 4 lists, your business is sure to grow as long as you are committed to constantly moving names & changing lives!! 

HOMEWORK: Buy OR set up a 1 inch 3 ring binder with at least 50 sheets of paper in it. And put your 100 List in the first page =)

I am so excited to see how this helps you in your business to grow and shine! You are a rockstar! Talk with you tomorrow!

Day 9- Making a connection 

Welcome back! I am so proud of you for sticking with the program and getting one step closer to living your dreams every day! Yesterday you created your 4 List system to keep track of who you are connecting with. Being successful isn’t always convenient, but it takes plugging away every single day at the little things that make a BIG impact over time. 

Today I want to share with you how to F.O.R.M. relationships:

When you meet new people here’s an easy way to remember how to connect and build strong relationships—always follow the F.O.R.M. process.

F = Family: Does your prospect have kids, siblings, a spouse, etc.

O = Occupation: What does your prospect do for a living?

R = Recreation: What does your prospect do for fun? Do they play sports?

M = Message: After you get to know your new friend by asking questions about their family, occupation, and recreation you can tailor your invitation for them to get their free Team Beachbody Club membership and join your profile or Like page for tips. Ask them to send you a message or ask them if you can friend them. We all know where it can go from there!

HOMEWORK: Please check in with your 3 Vital behaviors 1) List the names of people you contacted / invited 2) What workout did you do & what meal was Shakeology? 3) Did you do at least 10 minutes of PD?

Remember is all about sincerely wanting to get to know people, so always be sincere in your conversation and intent. Asking questions about their family, occupation, and recreation will help you get to know them better and find ways to connect with them on a deeper level. It will also help you to establish a problem that Beachbody programs / products or business opportunity can help solve. Check back tomorrow to learn more… Have a great day!

Day 10- Establishing a problem & finding a solution

Welcome back to training! Have I mentioned how AWESOME you are doing! I am so proud of you for checking in every day and being SO eager to learn all this important information, tips & tools to help you have a successful Beachbody business & live your dreams!! 

You have been practicing your 3 vital behaviors, connecting with your 100 list, relationships with old friends & family and inviting people to join your first challenge. Being genuine is always your best bet when it comes to gaining rapport, sharing free information allows people to let their guard down, being true to yourself and your journey allows people to connect with YOU. You don’t need to lead with any agenda to sell… just be really familiar with all of the solutions you have for people in regards to fitness, nutrition, energy, vitamins, sculpting, and skin care so that you're prepared to offer it as a suggestion when they make mention of their issue/problem/goal. And when finances are an issue, realize you have THAT as a solution too because you have a business opportunity where they build it WHILE they're on a journey to get fitter and healthier!

In conversation with your 100 list, you can ask about subjects that bring about an issue/problem/goal YOU have an solution for. Here are some questions you can ask to bring up Beachbody solutions: 

What do you do to stay in shape?

Are you excited for bikini season?

What is your main fitness goal?

Do you enjoy working out & eating healthy too? 

What is your favorite healthy food?

Would you consider yourself a healthy eater?

Do you see how these can bring up “Oh i just don’t have time… I wish I could lose 10 more pounds… My favorite food is x, what is yours?” all of these questions offer you the opportunity to help your friends & family with their problems & goals. Guess what that means- you get to help them live their dreams! =D Yaay! 

HOMEWORK: ask questions that will establish a problem with 2-3 people today, so you can help your friends find a solution with Beachbody products & programs! 

Have a great day! See you tomorrow! 

Day 11- Introducing the Business opportunity

Have you ever considered doing what I do to help you with ______? 

Where have you heard this question before?- probably from me when I invited you to be a coach. When you’re introducing the business to someone, it should be ONLY because they've said something in conversation & that statement led you to believe they have a problem/situation/need that could be helped with the coaching business. So you're NOT bringing it up out of the blue. You're bringing it up as a possible solution:

"have you ever considered doing what I do to help with _______?”
—>Maybe they need more money, a better career, or a more balanced lifestyle, a more rewarding line of work, a discount on Shakeology or programs, maybe they're already inspiring people in fitness and this just gives them more solutions to offer people, or maybe they just want something positive in their life that will also help them get healthier.

Whatever it is, have your ears WIDE OPEN to these issues so that you can simply ask “Well have you ever considered coaching to help with ______?” <—This question is how you introduce the business to someone.

You’re just introducing the THOUGHT at this point. You’re planting a seed of interest and nothing more.

Track who you’ve asked the question to regardless of their level of interest when they reply. Some of the LEAST interested people are interested LATER. Follow up on it at some point when it’s appropriate. 

HOMEWORK: Add another Invited list to your 3 ring binder to track who you’ve asked: “Have you ever considered doing fitness full time from home to help with _____?” 
Ask this question to *at least* 3 people per week, track those names on your official list so that you know who could potentially benefit from this business. THIS IS CRITICAL TO YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS. It takes asking a minimum of 10 people before you can expect that 3 of them will join you in time. Therefore expect MOSTLY disinterest.. AND don’t expect any of them to outwardly show immediate interest.. it very rarely happens that way. I was very skeptical at first. It took me 2 months of researching the products (secretly without telling Jenelle) before I decided this business WAS for me. I had been involved in TOO many network marketing companies already… But I am so glad I joined Jenelle and I am so excited to share my tips with you on how to live your Beachbody dream too! See you tomorrow! 


Day 12- Overcoming objections

Welcome back! You are doing SO great! Thank you for coming back each day to learn and build a strong foundation for your business. Every day that you practice your 3 vital behaviors and begin conversations with your List of 100 names, you take a step closer to living your dream and I am so excited for you! 

Are you hearing objections? Of course you are! If you aren’t it means you really aren't asking enough people. So let’s be real, EVERYONE hears them regardless of how successful your business becomes. In fact, the most successful people are the ones who’ve received the most objections. The difference between them and people who aren’t successful: they’ve mastered the art of overcoming the objections and knowing when to just be their friend and move on from the business or fitness conversation. 

What are some of the things you have heard and how you overcame them? Your first step is to always relate to what they've said.
Make a list of every objection you can think of, along with what you think the appropriate response would be... this isn't easy and I don't believe there is a script that works for every person or every situation.. the key is to know who you are talking to and what their needs/goals are .. and to know the difference between clarifying a misconception and trying to drag/convince someone (you want to avoid the latter).

This is something that will come more naturally with time- as you fall more deeply in love with the amazing programs & products Beachbody has to offer. Sharing your personal experience is the BEST way to encourage people (friends & family) to join you along your journey. 

HOMEWORK: Make a list of every objection you can think of and come up with ideas of how you can overcome that objection. Please check in with your 3 vital behaviors & share some of the objections from your list below: 

If you ever get stumped on an objection (this happened to me a lot in the beginning) just send me a text 561 801 6878 and I will get back to you asap! =) Have a great day! 


Day 13- Following up with invites & Asking for referrals

Hey Rockstar! You are staying strong and moving towards your dreams every day you check in and learn from this training. 

As you approach the starting date of your first challenge group (i.e. a week or 2 before Day 1 of your challenge), follow up with ALL who were initially interested; even if they only clicked “like” on the post. It’s normal if no one has committed to a purchase yet. Revisit their goals. Let them know you’ve reserved them a spot and ask “Are you still planning to get X program to help them achieve Y goal? I’d love to see you hit that goal and I know a structured program and meal plan will get you results!” Be prepared for only a small % to commit & be ok with that… others will join a challenge later! 

Two weeks into your group, post:

“Hey guys! I’m going to be promoting my next challenge group soon, if you know anyone who would be interested in the next one, let me know!” 

Don’t be afraid to ask everyone you know for referrals. Even if a friend isn’t interested in joining one of your Challenge Groups they might know someone who is. Expanding your network through referrals is a great way to add contacts to your always changing 100 list. 

About 2 weeks in, also post in the group: 

“Do you want to know how to sign up as a Coach and host your OWN challenges to make a little side income while keeping yourself accountable? As you can see, you don’t need to be a fitness professional or personal trainer to lead a group, it is just a FUN way to support others” 

You’ll notice some members who are more active in the group, more supportive of others, and naturally more upbeat about the process… they may even be the same ones who are seeing the most results.

You can individually message good coach candidates with “hey__, you’ve been doing awesome in the group and are so supportive of others. I can’t help but think you’d make such a great coach. Have you ever considered something like this?”


  • think about your friends & family & jot down the names of 5 people you know that have lots of friends. Then reach out to all 5 & send an email or message like this "Hey __ how are you? As you probably know, I've started online fitness support thru Beachbody. I'm doing a fitness challenge/accountability group starting on X date via a private facebook group.. it's 30days of support with fitness and nutrition, and it's free with any purchase of a meal replacement shake or fitness program like P90X, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, etc. I have lost x lbs doing y program and I’m loving it! Just thought I'd check since you know so many people...Do you know anyone who might be interested in the next one?" Chances are, you'll get some replies like "no but i'll let you know if i do!" ..even with that, you've planted a seed. When they need help in the future they'll likely come to you! Or you'll get "hmm.. i actually might want to do that! what does it entail?" Either way, you're planting seeds & can help them in the future.

Have a great day!


Day 14- Success Club

Hey there! Good job on checking in and staying on track with this training! You are going to learn so much this month that is going help you stay on track to help you live your dreams! 

Today I want to talk to you about one of the driving forces of your Beachbody business.- SUCCESS CLUB. When you are committed to focusing on the 3 Vital behaviors you will hit success club without even having to worry about it. 

So- every time a customer or coach purchases a Challenge Pack OR Shakeology HD you will be awarded SC points. For every NEW CP order you will receive 2 points, and for every NEW Shakeology HD you will receive 1 point. 

- By helping 3 people each month you can accumulate 5 points aka- SC5. 

  • By helping 5 or more people each month you can accumulate 10 points which is known as SC10. 

Hitting SC a big deal because it means you are helping people & working your business. When you achieve Success Club you will get a shoutout from me on     Facebook, you will get a prize from Beachbody & you will love your growing paychecks!!

When you hit SC EVERY MONTH for 12 consecutive months then you become a SUCCESS CLUB ALL STAR- and this gets you onstage recognition at  “SUMMIT”, the Beachbody National Conference- AND your name will permanently find itself in the Beachbody Success Club Hall of Fame!

When you hit SC, it means you are diligently living out the 3 vital behaviors, you are changing lives, your business is growing and you are taking steps towards living your dreams!  

HOMEWORK: Please let me know below if: 

  • you are going for Success Club 5 or 10 this month?
  • you invited 3-5 friends to your challenge group?
  • you used Beachbody products & focused on healthy nutrition?
  • you listened to or read personal development?

And I will see you tomorrow with more exciting information to help you stay on track to living your dreams! 


Day 15- Emerald Status

Hey Rockstar! You are doing awesome with your training! No one is making you do this, and THAT is why I am so proud of you for staying on track and checking in every day. Its when you check in that I am able to share with you all the tools you need to help you build your business & live your dreams. 

Today I want to tell you about the first milestone in your Beachbody career. Achieving Emerald is the first and easiest rank advancement & can be achieved in just one week! Achieving Emerald means that you are serious about your business, you are excited & you have shared what you are excited about with your friends & family. 

Emerald Rank is achieved by:

- being Active (50 PV)

  • AND Personally Sponsoring one Active Coach on EACH leg of your downline.

==> what is an Active Coach? A coach is active immediately if they sign up with a Challenge Pack. They can maintain their active status as long as they order 50PV (you will see PV beside every product we can purchase) every month (which means they either need to stay on Shakeology HD OR they need to sell 1 new challenge pack OR Shakeology HD per month) 

==> what is Personally Sponsored (PS)?
A PS coach is someone YOU directly signed up under you. If you all have explored your back office, you will see new coaches being added to your organization daily... These are NOT personally sponsored coaches and do NOT affect your rank - these coaches are in Team Hardcore's organization- this will help you earn more in team cycle bonus (once you achieve emerald).

Once you personally sponsor your first coach, you will need to switch your "Preferred Placement" by going into your back office and verify your coach is on your RIGHT leg by going to MY BUSINESS - MY DOWNLINE - SPONSORSHIP DRILLDOWN this will show you ALL of your downline coaches and which leg they are on.
Then by selecting MY BUSINESS - PREFERRED PLACEMENT switch your preferred placement to LEFT so that your next PS Active coach will make YOU Emerald!!

HOMEWORK: Please check in below:

  • Did you invite 2-3 people? 
  • Did you workout / drink shakeology?
  • Did you read / listen to at least 15 mins of Personal Development?
  • Can you achieve Emerald in the next 21 days?? <== I KNOW YOU CAN!!

Once you are Emerald and hit Success Club, you are eligible for the Lead Program! And this is where Beachbody really gets exciting! So come back tomorrow to learn about the Lead Program and how you can begin working smarter and making more with your Beachbody Business! 

Day 16- Beachbody Leads from SC & Emerald Rank 

Hey! I am so excited to share with you how Beachbody rewards us as coaches for sharing our products with our family & friends! Beachbody rewards us by sending us business from informercials and advertising. 

This is how it works: 

A Customer Lead-is someone who may have signed up for a FREE Beachbody membership; this person is curious about Beachbody, she may not be ready to begin a program yet but she is interested in tips. This customer has taken the first step towards change. Customer Leads will be assigned to you when you are eligible:

  1. You must be an Emerald coach
  2. You must have paid your coach Business Service Fee ($15.95 / month
  3. You must be a Beachbody Club Member ($39 quarterly- activated with your challenge pack purchase or can be upgraded in you Team Beachbody profile
  4. You must have a before photo & a bio in your profile 

Then, once you achieve Success Club 5 or higher, you will begin to receive Success Club Leads:

A Success Club Lead- is someone who has purchased either Shakeology OR a challenge pack OR at least 90PV of product from OR through an infomercial; these customers have taken the step to purchase a program & YOU have been assigned as their personal Beachbody Coach & they are now YOUR customers. 

This is such a blessing to the customer AND to you. This is our best opportunity to follow up with our leads & actually connect with them to offer them a GREAT customer service experience & to get them on track to living their dreams! 

DON’T be scared; DO it for them, they deserve it!

DON’T feel like you are bothering them; DO offer them information; they signed up to get help & information!

DON’T give up because they don’t respond the first time; DO continue to follow up & reach out so they know you are here for them!! =) 

HOMEWORK: log in to your back office and set up your TEAM BEACHBODY profile. Be sure to include a before photo, and a bio. Also, set up your CLUB membership if you haven’t already so you can have online streaming of over 100 workouts and be eligible to receive customer leads as soon as you hit Emerald! 

Have an awesome day! And I look forward to sharing more about how Beachbody can help you live your dreams tomorrow! 


Day 17 - Beachbody Avenues of Income

Are you as excited as I am about Beachbody yet? Are you seeing how practicing the 3 Vital Behaviors makes you a better person in ALL areas of your life? Are you seeing how helping people get on track towards living their dreams can help you get on track with living yours too? Are you seeing how Beachbody rewards us as coaches for carrying out that very important mission? 

Today I want to share with you HOW we make money as a Beachbody coach.

  1. Commissions from your online store- every time someone orders from your website ( you earn 25% of their order
  2. Commissions from recurring orders from Shakeology & BB Club- when customers sign up to receive Shakeology HD or register for the Beachbody Club, you will earn 25% on their recurring orders
  3. Commissions from recurring SC Lead Customers Shakeology & BB Club- when your Success Club Lead Customers sign up to receive Shakeology HD or register for the Beachbody Club, you will earn 25% on their recurring orders too!
  4. Team Cycle Bonus-  Once you achieve Emerald Status then you are eligible to receive a Team Cycle Bonus. This is going to be a huge revenue stream once your team grows & you are leading successful Beachbody coaches & helping people live their dreams. 

    ==> Here’s how it works:

Every time the right OR left leg of your business accumulates 100 PV AND the other leg of your business accumulates 200 PV in a week, you will receive $14 as an Emerald coach. (as you rank advance you get more per cycle) 

ie) if you have 4 coaches on your Right leg and they share 900 PV of products with their customers + you have 6 coaches on your Left leg and they share 1800 PV of product with their customers, you will team cycle 9 x and I will make $126 from you Team Cycle Bonus. 

Now imagine what happens if you are a Diamond coach earning $18 each time your Team Cycles and you have 15 coaches in your downline Right and 20 on your downline Left working their businesses… then imagine how this Team Cycle Bonus will look when you have 100-1000 coaches in your downline working their businesses… See the potential of this simple revenue stream? 

This is ALL you need to know for now about generating income & passive income with your Beachbody business. 


Please check in with your 3 Vital Behaviors 

1) Invite  2) Be a Product of the Product 3) Personal Development

For now, as long as you focus on your 3 Vital Behaviors, you will begin to see your confidence, your team and your bank account grow! Because YOU ARE AWESOME!! I am so excited to connect with you again tomorrow! 


Day 18- What is your Beachbody Dream?

Hey there!! So I hope the last couple days has been giving your reasons to dream BIG with your Beachbody business. The truth is, I wouldn’t have shared this amazing opportunity with you, if I didn’t think you have what it takes to be a rockstar coach! 

Today I want to have some fun with you! First I want you to write down your biggest strengths that can help others. For instance: 

  1. I am passionate about & love learning about fitness & nutrition!
  2. I am really good at teaching people!
  3. I want everyone to know how to be healthier!

 So, write down at least 3-5 things that can give you confidence about what you have to offer others. 

Next, I want you to dream about where you want Beachbody to take you. 

Do you simply want to earn your Shakeology for free?

Can you see yourself as an Emerald Coach hitting success club every month this year? 

Can you see yourself in the Beachbody top 10 being recognized on stage at Summit? 

Do you want to pay off your debt? 

Do you have a dream house / dream vacation that you can’t afford right now - that Beachbody can help you make a reality?

Can you imagine yourself making over $1 million with Beachbody?

This is about making a BIG dream- imagine the life you would LOVE to have, the recognition you want to receive, the time you get to spend with your family bc you are earning money from home, the vacations you get to go on that are paid for by Beachbody, or other family vacations that you can pay for—you don’t have to completely believe your Beachbody Dream yet, but at least if you tell me your ultimate dream, I can help you make a plan on how to get there!! 

HOMEWORK: Please share your Beachbody Dream

I am here for you! You are awesome! I can’t wait to help you live your dreams!! See you tomorrow!

Day 19- Setting Your Priorities 

Hello Rockstar!! Thank you for sharing your Beachbody Dream with me! I am so excited to help you get on track to truly live that dream! Isn’t this fun!?

In order to make a dream a reality you must first set your priorities. Today, I would like for you to place in, 3 different groups, these 9 values :

1- Faith 

2- Family 

3- Fitness / Nutrition 

4- Friends 

5- Fun / Hobbies 

6- Finance  

7- Personal Time & Personal Development 

8- Personal Life / Love Life 

9- Career 

In GROUP 1- place the 3 values that come easiest to you- the things you don’t really need to think about / you are just naturally good at this area of your life.

In GROUP 2- place the 3 values that are most important to you - the things you care most about even though you may need to work harder to do well in this area.

In GROUP 3- place the 3 values that are left over - these things may still be important to sprinkle in, but they are not as significantly important to taking up the majority of your time. 

HOMEWORK: So now you should have 3 groups of 3 values. Please share your 3 groups below. =)

Does this help you to see your priorities laid out like this? I hope it does! Check back tomorrow where I will share how you can make clear goals that align with our priorities.

Day 20- Make your dream a goal (SMART) 

Welcome back! I am so excited to share these tips & tools with you to help you get on track to living your dreams!! I hope you made your 3 priority lists yesterday because now we are going to use those lists to create goals. 

Now it gets serious… Does your Beachbody dream align with your priorities? 

—>If yes, GREAT! 

—> If not, are you willing to re-prioritize to bring you closer to your dream? OR are you willing to be okay with NOT achieving your Beachbody dream as fast as you may like to? 

Let me give you an example: 

My Beachbody career fits into my priorities in Group 3! Even though I am doing extremely well with my business, I spend far less time doing it than I would if it was in my Group 1 or 2… which means, I am effective with the time I spend doing Beachbody AND I am okay with my business growing slower than it could if I devoted more time to it. Does this make sense? 

I don’t recommend Beachbody being a group 1 or group 2  priority nor do I recommend it being in group 3…this is YOUR journey and its YOUR dream. Allow your heart to lead you in the direction of your dream, and begin there. 

Now that you have your priorities aligned with your Beachbody dream, set a SMART stepping stone goal that you will push to achieve. 

For example: I am an Emerald Ranked Beachbody coach on x date (4-6 weeks from now) because I honored my priorities, practiced the 3 Vital Behaviors, and asked 3 people per week if they have ever considered coaching. 

*Be sure to write it down as if you have already achieved your goal. And make sure it includes all the (SMART) pieces:

S- (specific)- asked 3 people per week if they have ever considered coaching (how did you do it?)

M- (measurable)- Emerald Rank (a stranger could recognize this was achieved on paper)

A- (attainable)- practiced the 3 Vital Behaviors (proven to work)

R- (realistic)- honored my priorities (realistic commitment) 

T- (time-bound)- by x date (1-4 weeks on small goals up to 1 year for large goals)

HOMEWORK: Please share your SMART stepping stone goal below. Then follow the same process to set your Beachbody Dream Goal! 

I am so excited to see your plan put to paper. I am so proud of you for taking this process seriously and moving forward with your Beachbody business! Tomorrow we will break down the stepping stone goal even further and you will be well on your way to living your dreams.

Day 21- To Do Lists & Establishing Working Hours

Hello Rockstar!

You have established your priorities, you have created your Beachbody dream and you have created SMART goals to step you in the right direction of your dream. Now it is time to create a to do list. 

Create a daily to do list every morning before you begin your day. Make sure there are at least 5 things that you can successfully complete on your list. Take a bite sized piece. For example: My goal is to have this training completed and uploaded to my new website by June 1… On my to do list I include 1 post per day. If I do more, great, but each day I am successful when I write a post. 

I don’t care what is on your list, just make sure your tasks lead you one step closer to your goals and your dream life! =) 

Things I include on my to do list are: 

  • go grocery shopping (and the list)
  • go to bank
  • respond to Jon about binding
  • reply to facebook messages
  • post on social media about nutrition
  • vacuum downstairs 
  • send photos to Kate for website

Do you see how all of these activities can be completed and are important to be completed on my daily to do list?

You can then create a weekly list of less urgent things you need to get done this week:

  • go to health food store (and the list)
  • buy sharpie markers
  • ship thank you card / challenge group prizes 

Do you see how these activities can get done this week but are not urgent? 

Finally you can create a monthly to do list that has a deadline of the end of the month:

  • get a roofing quote
  • complete new coach training
  • pay insurance
  • declutter the garage 
  • launch website 

Do you see how these activities are less urgent, and may need to be broken down into smaller tasks? 

Having a to do list will eliminate pressure and anxiety and allow you to be more productive each day. Don’t you feel better already?

Finally, establish working hours for your Beachbody business. This is important so that you can honor your priorities and still push yourself to accomplish your goals in your business. This makes you more effective with the time you DO have to work. I understand you may have 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening… you can still grow a very lucrative business in those 60 minutes as long as you are focused! Find some time in your schedule where you can dedicate 60 minutes-3 hours (dedicated means NO distractions, no cell phone, no music playing, no one around) a day to the 3 Vital Behaviors (all 3, don’t skip one) and pushing towards your dream life. You can do it, you deserve to do it! 


1) How did you do with your 3 Vital Behaviors today?

2) What are your Beachbody working hours?

You made it! This is day 21 of your New Coach Training! I have shared with you the basics of your new business to help you be SUPER successful right out of the gates. 

Please continue training by completing the 7 Day Social Media Training AND please text me 561 801 6878 to tell me you have completed this 21 Day New Coach Training. I personally work with my coaches who are going for emerald, ruby & diamond. So I know I will be in touch with you! 

I am so proud of you! Talk soon! xox Whit 



Day 1- 10 Things you Love (Your Brand) 

Congratulations on completing the 21 Day New Coach Training. You are so dedicated to being the best coach you can be, and I am so proud of you for committing to living your dreams! Social media is very important as a Beachbody coach, in the next 7 days I will teach you how to be good at it! 

Beachbody is not actually the “face” / brand of your business... YOU are. The more you embrace the fact that YOU are your brand, and everything you represent and do is a reflection on your brand, the more apt you are to be the best YOU and the more apt you are to inspire others to do the same. You have to be YOU x2 and therefore be the person you aspire to be! I hope through personal development, you’re learning you CAN do anything you set your mind to, and you CAN live your dreams… especially in this business!

HOMEWORK: Please make a list of 10 things you’re into/interested in that others look to you for advice/knowledge/inspiration and/or help? It could be décor, fashion, tech stuff, parenting, cooking, art, writing, nutrition, strength training, fitness, sports, public speaking, photography, puppies, etc. These are the unique combination of things that make up what YOUR brand and image will look like.

What is your BRAND??

Day 2- Telling your story

Welcome back! You’re doing AWESOME and building a strong foundation. Now that you know your brand, share your story!

You don’t have to be at your ideal weight/ fitness level to show you’re making PROGRESS. You just have to be actively participating and practicing what you preach, consistently!  If you’re going to ask someone to do something, you better be doing it yourself. Even share your struggles...people connect with that too! Being an example not only improves your credibility, it gets people excited because most likely they’ll be looking at you and witnessing you transform. Be prepared to explain your journey so it is easy to talk to people when you are asked.

Here is a simple way to create your own story, just complete the sentences:
1. “I joined the Team at Beachbody because . . .”
2. “I am happy I did because . . . ”
3. “Because of my Beachbody business I hope to . . . ”

HOMEWORK: Create a before / after, flipagram video or Youtube video with your story. Be sure viewers can CLEARLY see this is an opportunity for THEM to live healthier and get paid while they get fit. And be sure they can CLEARLY see how they can contact you to learn more.

What's your story? 

Day 3- Your Target Market

Day 4- Posting Quality Content (Facebook)

I just want to take a minute to tell you that you are doing great in your business. This is NOT a race. This is NOT a full time job (yet). This is NOT a pressure situation. This is NOT a career in sales. Beachbody offers us the opportunity to HELP people get on track on their health journeys. Beachbody offers us the opportunity to SHARE knowledge that we have that most people don’t have. Beachbody offers us the opportunity to CREATE a very lucrative business by helping 1-5 people every day/ week / month! =) 

When you’re new in the business you should be mostly focused on getting in the HABIT of posting more consistently, & getting in the habit of just reaching out & connecting with more people you know & re-connecting with new people. But it’s also time to start thinking about ATTRACTING people your way. 

Facebook posts should be:
1. Engaging (asks a question that anyone could answer and would want to answer);
2. Helpful (helps solve a problem you have had and you know friends/family have..does NOT have to be fitness/nutrition related),
3. Inspiring (put your own text on your own photo; turn common quotes into your own!)
4. Funny or entertaining.
Posts are now making it to the newsfeed if there is NOT a pic attached. Definitely start going without pictures and just short update posts. If there’s a picture involved, it has to be GREAT and eye-catching. If YOU are in the picture, it needs to be a flattering pic of you (doesn’t mean it can’t be sweaty; lots of sweaty pictures are also flattering, but some are NOT.. you know you best ) The difference between YOU posting and some other coach is that each of you will have differing opinions on what is engaging, helpful, funny, etc… so you will NATURALLY attract like-minded if you just think of what is engaging, helpful, funny to YOU. So the only way to be original is to let YOU - your pictures/ your personality/ your brand - shine through.


-Please post an engaging fitness/ health / nutrition post every day this week & tag me (Whitney McClintock) in it. 

-Also, check out posts on & and let me know which posts resonated with you.

Day 5- Posting Quality Content (Instagram)

Welcome back to day 5 rockstar!

Remember, YOU are your brand - Who you are, what you offer others, your struggles & your successes:

1) Make sure your account is public. To check your account's status: From the settings page, under 'Privacy, make sure the "photos are private" toggle is set to OFF. This allows other Instagram users to follow you and view your photos without your authorization.

2.) Be selective with your photo uploads: Upload only your best shots (1-3 Max / day) --you're better off to take the time to "stage" a great shot that makes your message more visually appealing than to post something quick - just to post - and lose followers. It does take thought, and creativity will come with practice. More effects are NOT always better--more on that below.

3.) Follow, like on pictures, compliment & ask genuine, legit questions of other users you have things in common with. Do it sincerely though; following a few people with intent is more effective (not to mention far less obvious) than playing a numbers game.

4.) Use other apps to make your pictures stand out more! BUT... more effects does not necessarily mean better! Words should be all in 1-2 colors, easy to read, 1-2 objects clearly in focus. Think clean, one-focal-point pictures as you would see in a magazine ad. Yes, it takes practice 

5.) Put your Facebook & IG names on your pics. This makes it easy for your friends and others to find you. 

6.) Add your location on IG as your facebook page to your Instagram pics!

A few example users who show GREAT pics:

@ChaleneJohnson @JenelleSummers @JenDelvaux @BeachYogaGirl 

Tomorrow I will share some awesome apps & hashtags to take your social media to the next level.

HOMEWORK: Please listen to this Webinar Jenelle Summers did on Instagram: 

Have a great day! 

Day 6- Must Have Apps & Hashtags

You are doing awesome! I love seeing all of your fitness related but NOT sales-y posts! You really are getting it!! =)

When it comes to creating quality content, here are some awesome iPhone apps to download: 

  • Taking pictures: Burstmode & CameraTime
  • Putting Text on Pics: A + signature, picsArt, FontCandy, WordFoto, TitleFx
  • Instagram sized photos: SizeIt, InstaSize, SquareReady
  • Facebook cover photo: Cover Photo 
  • Adding Music / Making Collages: PicFrame, Pic Play Post, Pic Stitch, Diptic, Frametastic 
  • Special Effects: PS Express, SuperImpose 
  • Pop of color: PE-FotoLr go to Edit Pic>Color>DrawFx>Black & White. Be sure to enlarge the picture so you can get up close to the object you are keeping in color

Hashtag like a boss! But realize, on Instagram, if your pictures are not staying relevant to fitness/health or aren't eye-catching pics, OR there aren't many of YOU, you'll likely not get engagement from your followers or you may not even get many new followers at all, because they can't see who this person is they're following. People follow REAL people who provide value in some way to their life, not just pictures or quotes they can see on any fitness account. Hashtags can help you attract users who are searching for a particular type of photo or subject. (For example, if you take a picture of the Eiffel Tower, include "#paris" or "#eiffeltower" in the description and anyone looking for photos taken in Paris will be able to find your picture.)

Below are Fitness Hashtags (copy & paste to your phone memo pad). Add them to existing Instagram pics asap and watch your likes & followers go up! If you're not getting new followers, then they're looking at your photo collage & not seeing what they want. Evaluate what you have & delete what wouldn't be interesting to a fitness/health fan 

#beastmode #femalefitnesspage #gimmeabs #girlswithmuscle #flexfriday #ig_fitness_freaks #abs #crosstrain #trainmean #traindirty #getlean #fitaddicted #sweat #workoutclothes #toned #tiu #instafit #picoftheday #instagood #muscles #homegym #she_is_fit #fitfam #iworkout #instafit #fitspo #itrainhard #justdoit #fit4life #livefit #fitlife

Below are nutrition-type Hashtags:

#yumm #healthylifestyle #foodspiration #recipes #yummy #eatforabs #gimmeabs #eatclean #cleaneats #cleaneating #foodie #foodporn #eatyourgreens #healthyrecipe #lowglycemic #wholefoods # #getlean #nutrition #organic #vegan #veganbodybuilding

Try to use as many hashtags as possible, but put them in the comments. Even if someone taps on a hashtag that has nothing to do with your picture and they stumble upon it, they may like it, and/or even start following you. Go back and add hashtags to older Instagram posts. Delete & re-add again later if you can.

HOMEWORK: Write down how many followers you have NOW on Instagram & Facebook. Then, create an eye-catching instagram post & paste hashtags into the comment section. 

It will be fun to see how fast your accounts grow as you post engaging content... Have a great day! 

    Day 7- Building an Email List (NOT COMPLETE)



    GET FIT WITH WHIT 21 DAY CHALLENGE (on a separate page...also login required) 

    DAY 1

    Hey There! 

    My name is Whitney McClintock and I’m a World Champion Waterskier. I am a hardworking athlete who has a crazy passion for fitness & nutrition & helping others. I am proud to say, helping people like you has helped me grow SO much as a person, it helps me stay on track with my goals and keeps me accountable…I am living my dreams & my goal is to help YOU live YOURS too! =D 

    I am so excited that you took a leap of faith and took the first step towards living your dreams! Get Fit With Whit is a 21 Day Challenge where I will share tips, recipes, shopping lists, my secret “all you can eat” cleanse, and LOTS of encouragement, motivation & inspiration! It takes 21 days to break a bad habit and 21 days to create new good habits. 

    ~~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> Drink lots of water. Our bodies are  made up of 70% water; our blood, organs, tissues, muscles, cartilage, and even our bones contain water. To fully hydrate your body, challenge yourself to drink a GALLON of water for the next 21 days- make water your #1 beverage choice. I encourage you to add Lemons, Limes& Grapefruits to give your water some flavor. For an ultra cleanse drink (2) two 8oz cups of warm lemon water first thing in the morning before food and last thing in the evening before bed. 


    I encourage you to take your BEFORE MEASUREMENTS today. Feel free to share- but at minimum WRITE down your starting measurements. 

    Take these 6 measurements: 

    1. Weight (in the morning) 
    2. Bicep (largest circumference of upper arm) 
    3. Chest (at nipple height)
    4. Waist (smallest circumference in your mid section just above navel) 
    5. Hips (largest circumference around butt) 
    6. Thigh (largest circumference approx at mid-upper thigh) 

    At the end of this group, I will send a PRIZE to you when you send me a before AND after photo along with your before AND after measurements! 

    Are you ready to get started? I look forward to cheering you on along the way! Have a great day! 

    DAY 2 

    Welcome back to day 2! I am so proud of you for taking this leap of faith in the direction of your dreams. Good for you for writing down your before measurements and taking a before photo. Taking a little step each day by participating in this 21 Day Challenge is creating a path for your success. The truth is, if you didn’t take your before photos and measurements, you aren’t serious about changing. NOT taking your before photo means you are NOT willing to let go of who you are now and become who you want to be. So PLEASE take your photos and write down your starting point. DON’T put it off. You will be thankful you did in 20 days from now, when you are fitter, healthier and stronger!

    Today, I would like you to tell me a little about yourself and share your 21 Day Challenge dream with me. Dream BIG, don’t take this challenge just because I invited you to. Do it BIG. Do it because YOU deserve it. Reach for the stars because I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! 

    ~~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> I am confident that you do not get even the USDA recommended servings of veggies per day (notice I said veggies NOT fruits). And if you do, more is always better when it comes to eating your vegetables. 

    • Focus on eating at least 5 cups of the most cleansing vegetables each day- (Avocado / Bell Pepper / Broccoli / Cucumber / Kale / Spinach)
    • Fill your plate with 75-80% vegetables at dinner by steaming an assortment of vegetables over medium heat with 1/2 cup of water

    HOMEWORK: Please share:

    1. Your Name
    2. Where you live?
    3. What you do?
    4. What is your 21 Day Challenge dream / What do want to accomplish in the next 21 days?


    DAY 3

    Thank you for introducing yourself and sharing your dream with me yesterday- that is the FIRST Step in making your dreams come true. "If you can believe it, you can achieve it". So today is about seeing the path that you will take to accomplish your goals. It’s time to make a realistic plan

    - grab a calendar and schedule every workout for the next 21 days… its very important to WRITE IT DOWN. 

    Are you a morning exerciser or evening exerciser? Are you willing to schedule 30-45 mins a day to be successful? WRITE DOWN a time that is non-negotiable. Putting yourself in your calendar for a meeting with your fitness will help you SEE it & you will realize your time commitment. 

    - Commit to yourself to NOT cheat on your workouts - you are only cheating your dreams.

    ~~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> Fat does NOT make you fat- I believe the 'fat' we put in our mouths and the 'fat' we carry around on our bellies should have 2 different names. The macronutrient ‘fat' that we ingest from avocados, hemp hearts, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, salmon, and almonds is SO nourishing for our bodies and facilitates hormonal & neurological function. 


    1) how many days a week are you willing to put in to achieve your dreams- be realistic! 

    2) what time of day works best in your schedule to plan your 30-45 min workout? - do u need to wake up earlier? 

    3) on a scale of 1-10 how motivated are you today to follow through with the program & live your dreams? Is today actually different than last week? (Be honest with yourself)

    You are doing so awesome at staying on track- coming back for Day 3 means you are committed. Please check back tomorrow for more tips! Have a great day!

    DAY 4

    Thank you for coming back today. It means a lot that you would commit to learning from me. Thank you for opening your heart and your mind to the ideas that I have come to live by from all of my research and experimentation in attempt to be the best athlete & human I can be. If you haven’t guessed, I am very passionate about nutrition and educating the world on some key matters. Fat, salt and sugar. I covered fat yesterday, and we will talk more about sugar later on, today I want to season you with salt. 

    ~~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> Pitch the boring, bleached, refined crystals that have become famous as “table salt”. I recommend switching to mineral rich pink Himalayan Sea Salt or Redmond Real Salt - it pure, its healthy, it tastes great and its pretty too! Colored sea salt contains ALL 84 minerals found in our bodies and because it is unrefined it works in conduction with water to carry out bodily functions like regulating blood pressure, hormones, and preventing muscle cramps. 

    HOMEWORK: please check in below: 

    1. Did you successfully complete your workout today?
    2. How many veggies did you eat?
    3. Did you drink a gallon of water?

    You are doing SO great! I hope you find this information as interesting as I do. I am passionate about learning & sharing my knowledge with you to help you live better. Have a great day! 


    DAY 5

    Thank you for coming back for day 5, you are doing so awesome! Remember this is YOUR journey. Please don’t feel like I am pressuring you to do anything. My goal is to share what I have learned to help YOU live your dream! =) 

    I am so EXCITED that I get to share Beachbody programs & products with you! As a Personal Trainer and someone who has a BSc in fitness- I TOTALLY impressed by the upmost quality of Beachbody programs. =) I have gotten my butt kicked by every program I have attempted. And the results are phenomenal. I am confident you will get great results too if you stick to your plan and put and X through the workouts that you complete on your calendar! 

    ~~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> Today I want to share some of the best fruits for your body. Some fruits are better options simply because they have a lower content of sugar. Here are a couple of trades you can do to help your body detox / eliminate sugar addiction. 

    Pomegranate is a much better tropical fruit option compared to pineapple and mango. Pomegranate also can replace grapes because they are similar in texture & method of eating (one seed at a time).

    Choose Grapefruit instead of an orange for a lower sugar citrus treat.  

    Lemons & Limes are also very good fruit options to add flavor to water, and use in salad dressings. 

    Coconut is also delicious and a great lower sugar fruit option. 

    If you must have an apple a day, make it a small green one, since the sugar content is much lower than it is in a large gala.

    Blueberries are your best berry option for their lower sugar and higher antioxidant content compared to strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.  

    HOMEWORK: Please check in below: 

    1) What time is your workout scheduled for today?

    2) What is your favorite trick to get you to a gallon of water a day?

    I will tell you every day, YOU are awesome! I am so proud of you for taking this step out of your comfort zone and in the direction of your dreams. I look forward to sharing more tips with you tomorrow! Have a great day! 

    DAY 6

    Welcome back to day 6! Even if you have only learned one thing this week, I consider that a win! But I hope that you are getting a wealth of knowledge that will help keep you on track towards living your dreams! 

    Now that you have a schedule on your calendar, begin checking off the workouts you have done and continue to stay true to your plan. Don’t make excuses. Don’t get lazy. Don’t get distracted. Because it won’t do you any good. Get up, smile & get to work - because YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

    ~~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> I don’t know about you, but I hate trimming raw chicken for dinner. I also hate the weighed down feeling I get after a steak dinner. That is why I stopped eating meat in November 2014. I never really enjoyed it anyway, but I know many people LOVE their protein. So here are some of your best (cleanse friendly) protein options:

    Shakeology- (I prefer vegan) high quality, dense superfood nutrition that will fill you up and keep you going. This is my favorite meal of the day!

    Quinoa- another superfood that is high in protein and maintains a steady blood sugar level, it is also gluten free.

    Lima Beans & Garbanzo Beans- one of my favorite secret protein sources that go great in salads, stir fries or in hummus. 

    Salmon / Arctic Char- cold water fish is a great protein option that also contains healthy fats and is easier on digestion compared to red meat.

    Turkey- is a better option over chicken due to the over processing and lack of care in the chicken industry

    HOMEWORK: Please check in below:

    1) How was your workout today on a scale of 1-10?

    2) Would it be easy or difficult for you to give up meat? 

    You are doing great! Thank you for honoring yourself enough to check in every day, to learn and grow towards betterment. You deserve to live the life you dream of. I can’t wait to share more with you tomorrow! 

    DAY 7

    Welcome to day 7! You have completed your first week. Time to look back on the week and see where you had great success and to evaluate your progress. 


    • Did you get in your goal number of workouts? 
    • Did you drink a gallon of water each day? 
    • Did you eat at least 5 servings of vegetables each day? 
    • Are you one step closer each day to living in the body of your dreams? 



    • Were you able to stay on track with your workouts with the schedule you created; Did you expect too much; Or did you choose not to complete workouts because you were tired / sore?
    • Did you do everything in your power to ensure your success with your nutrition?
    • Did you put forth the effort to achieve your dreams and life got in the way; or is your goal & plan actually unrealistic?


    • Once you have determined the answers to these question, refocus your goals. 
    • Write down your schedule for the coming 7 days & be realistic with your plan. 
    • Stretch yourself but make sure you can be at least 80% successful. 
    • Pack your lunch, wake up earlier, grocery shop on the weekend - make a plan so that you can take a step towards living your dreams each day. 

    You are doing great! I am so excited for week 2! Have a great day.  

    DAY 8 

    Welcome to week 2! Here is some inspiration to keep you on track this week: 

    “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day” 

    <—This is why I love, Love, LOVE Podcasts. I highly recommend you download the Podcast app on your phone and subscribe to The Chalene Show or check out all the wonderful things she has to offer at - listen as your are getting ready in the morning / driving to work- she will give you inspiration and encouragement to live your dream life.

    Now that you are eating more water, veggies, healthy fats & colored sea salt, you most likely eliminated some of your not so healthy tendencies for veggie options right?

    This week I want to share with you some alternatives to the foods you most likely gravitate towards each day for comfort/ convenience/ ‘healthy’ snacks. 

    ~~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> Avoid processed convenience foods like granola bars, cereals, breads, crackers, cookies, chips, etc. By reaching for vegetable sticks, my secret cereal recipe, and salads instead, you will shed excess fat simply by eliminating wheat & sugar from your daily life. Occasional wraps for lunch and plain rice cakes with coconut oil & pink salt will give you the carbs you crave and convenience without remaining an unhealthy habit. 

    Whit’s Cereal:

    • 2 TBSP Unsweet Rice Cereal
    • 1 TBSP Chia Seeds
    • 1 TBSP Hemp Hearts 
    • 1/2 TBSP Shaved Unsweet Coconut
    • 1/2 TBSP Slivered Almonds 
    • 1/2 TSP Cinnamon (to taste)
    • 1/2 Cup Unsweet Almond Milk 

    HOMEWORK: Please check in below:

    1. How was your fitness today?
    2. What is the first switch you will make to eat fewer processed carbs?

    Have a great day! 

    DAY 9

    Welcome back to day 9! You are on an incredible journey towards betterment. You are worthy of change. Embrace this challenge and take the next step today towards living your dreams. 

    By now, you should be noticing changes in your body. You probably feel more energized, cleaner, more vibrant, even happier. You are filing your body with nourishment while your body is eliminating toxic waste from your insides. Isn’t that great!?

    ~~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> Make small exchanges to get dairy out of your diet. This was one of the biggest changes I made in my life that has given me the BEST results. I was addicted to diary and sugar. And my body HATED it, yet I craved it because of the small allergic reaction (adrenaline rush) I got each time I had dairy (4-5x a day). I was able to ease myself into a dairy free lifestyle by:

    1. Switching to Unsweet Almond Milk for shakes & cereal
    2. Putting Avocado in my diet for dressings / toppings 
    3. Switching to feta & goat cheese for 1 month to get off cheese 

    As addicted as I was to milk, this was a VERY easy transition for me. By the end of the first month, I didn’t crave any dairy products anymore! I did it, and I know you can do it too!

    Whit’s Everything Dressing:

    1 Avocado

    1/2 Lemon / Lime Juiced

    2-4 TBSP Grapeseed / Olive Oil

    1/4 TSP Pink Sea Salt 

    blend until smooth

    *add cilantro, red onion, garlic OR ginger to change the flavor for different dishes to top salads/ stir fries

    *blend in a can of rinsed garbanzo beans OR 1.5 Cup of chopped Zucchini AND 2 TBSP Tahini to make a wonderful hummus dip 


    HOMEWORK: Please check in below:

    1. How was your fitness today?
    2. How was your nutrition today?
    3. Are you one step closer to living your dream?

    Have a great day! 

    DAY 10

    Congrats on making it to day 10! 

    “70% of people who start a fitness program quit, 

    EXCEPT you, 

    NOT this time!”

    You have made it this far, you have increase your veggies, water, fat & oil; you have taken steps to reduce your wheat and dairy intake, you are staying on track with your fitness program AND you are feeling great! I am so proud of you!  

    ~~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> Even though sugar is one of the most toxic things we can put in our bodies, it is not the first thing I eliminated in this “all you can eat cleanse”. You may be wondering why OR you may have realized how much LESS sugar you have been consuming for the last 10 days. When you eliminate all the processed junk & fill your nutrition with veggies and healthy fats, you will naturally have less space in your diet and therefore crave less sugar. Nonetheless, here are some great ways to curb your cravings:

    1. Shakeology- it is designed to help you eliminate cravings while giving you a boost of energy. 
    2. Almonds- sometimes its the crunch you need to be satisfied plus, as you eat less sugar, you will begin to appreciate the natural sweetness of raw almonds
    3. Almond Butter- spread on celery sticks for a delicious, clean snack (just make sure there is no added salt, sugar or palm oil) 
    4. 16-24 oz warm lemon water- this almost ALWAYS hits the sweet spot- it is warm, soothing AND incredibly detoxifying!  

    HOMEWORK: please check in below: 

    1. Did you kill your workout today?
    2. What are you most proud of yourself for so far in this challenge?

    Stay strong, keep taking steps towards living in the body of your dreams! Have a great day! 

    DAY 11 

    You are already half way through this challenge and you are doing awesome! Welcome back to day 11. 

    No, you haven’t failed. If you have slipped off track, jump back on. Keep learning. Keep putting in the time. Keep fighting. Keep making better choices every day. You can do this! You deserve this! 

    HOMEWORK: Please fill in the blanks: 

    When I first started this group, I was ____________; I felt ____________ and my goal was _____________ ; now that we are half way through the month I am _____________; I feel _____________ and I am (on track / need to reevaluate) my goals. 


    DAY 12

    Welcome back! You are doing so awesome at staying on track to living your dreams. Each day when you wake up a little bit earlier to get your workout in, each time you make the choice to eat healthy nourishing food, each time you say “I can do this” you are taking giant leaps towards living your dreams! Lets keep going!

    Did you know that we can survive you can live 3 minutes without air and only 3 days without water? Water acts as a solvent and a delivery mechanism, dissolving essential vitamins and nutrients from food and delivering them to cells. Water allows our bodies to flush out toxins, regulate body temperature and aid our metabolism. Our bodies function their best when we are hydrated- our cells are plump, our organs are functioning properly, our digestive system flows, our blood can deliver more oxygen, our bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles are more resistant to injury. 

    ~~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> Continue making water your #1 beverage choice. Aim to drink at least 1 gallon each day. (I put mine in a gallon jug so I can keep track). I encourage you to add Lemons & Limes to give your water some flavor. For an ultra cleanse drink (2) two 8oz cups of warm lemon water first thing in the morning before food and last thing in the evening before bed. 

    HOMEWORK: please check in below:

    1. What is your favorite workout so far?
    2. Did you drink a gallon today? 

    Have a great day! 


    DAY 13 

    Welcome back to day 13! I am so excited for you because you are sticking to the program and you are seeing results! 

    So I’m a vegetarian… or some version of one. Do you know how many UNHEALTHY vegetarians there are in the world?! To be honest, being a ‘vegetarian' doesn’t even mean that a person necessarily eats more veggies than anyone else- vegetarians can eat wheat, sugar and processed junk, some eat diary, eggs and fish. So what if I was a “vegetarian” simply because I don’t eat meat- but I don’t eat vegetables either!? My point is, I don’t care what label the world puts on me or on others, my goal is to help you understand that vegetables ARE healthy. No one ever cut vegetables out of their diet for fear that they will cause them to gain weight. Doctors have never prescribed you to stop eating vegetables because they cause inflammation and cause you to suffer disease. 

    ~~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> Vegetables are life, eat plenty of them, and live your dreams! =)  Do you remember the 7 most cleansing veggies?

    1. Avocado
    2. Broccoli
    3. Bell Pepper
    4. Celery
    5. Cucumber
    6. Kale
    7. Spinach


    Here is one of my favorite recipes:

    1/2 Cup Lima Beans

    1/2 sweet potato sliced and chopped into bite sized pieces

    2 Cups chopped Broccoli

    1/2 Cup frozen peas

    1 Medium carrot chopped

    1/2 Bell Pepper

    1/4 onion chopped 

    1 clove garlic pressed

    1 16 oz can diced tomatoes 

    1/2 tbsp Chili Powder

    1/4 tsp cumin 

    1 Cup cooked Quinoa 

    Combine ALL ingredients (except quinoa) in a large pot, Dutch Oven or Crock Pot- cook on medium-low heat until sweet potato is fork tender- add cooked quinoa.

    *Serve over a LARGE bed of chopped (I rip) raw baby spinach

    HOMEWORK: please check in below:

    1. How was your workout today?
    2. Did you eat your veggies today?

    Have a great day!

    DAY 14

    It’s week 2. Time to look back (nonjudgementally) on last week, make new goals and prepare to accomplish your goals for the month. If you have been consistent, CONGRATS!! If you have tried your best and had success and failure, CONGRATS!! If you feel like you failed a lot at executing your plan BUT you made a plan and you learned a lot this week, CONGRATS! 

    “When you think about quitting, remember why you started”

    Fitness / nutrition / health is a journey. Everyone takes their own path but whatever route you take, be persistent and always do your best. Our journey is about always doing better, getting better, and seeking to be better. If you are in any of these categories, you are on your way to living your dreams =) 

    ~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> Please share YOUR favorite cleanse tip that you have learned so far in this group. 

    I am so excited for week 3! Have a great day! 

    DAY 15 

    Welcome to week 3! How is the weekend clean eating going? It’s pretty normal to have different cravings like alcohol in the evenings or fried foods and bread & butter when you are out for dinner or with friends…RIGHT?! Still, try to drink a cleansing glass of water with lemon before and after consuming anything super clogging for the body… and if you can’t control yourself once you start, find the celery & carrots!!!

    ~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> Get your shopping done & wash and cut up salad toppings & make quinoa so meal prep is EASY and you have LOTS of veggies this week to snack on & make meals with.

    Here is my shopping list per week per clean eating person:

    1 large head of Broccoli

    5 English Cucumbers

    1 9 oz bag of baby spinach or kale

    3 heads of celery 

    5-7 Avocados

    5-7 tomatoes 

    1/2 lb bag of carrots

    5-7 Bell Peppers

    1 zucchini 

    1 eggplant 

    small section of ginger root

    sprouts (if available)


    hemp hearts

    chia seeds

    almond butter


    lemons / limes

    pomegranate / grapefruit

    HOMEWORK: Please check in below:
    1) your nutrition, rate on a scale from 1-10?
    2) your water intake, rate on a scale from 1-10?
    3) your excitement to do your workout every day, rate on a scale from 1-10?

    Have a great day!

    DAY 16 

    Welcome back to day 16 of this 21 Day Challenge. You are the reason I created this challenge. You are important and you are capable of living your dreams! I am so proud of you for coming this far. You are an inspiration because you have overcome obstacles along the way; you are pursuing your purpose and staying strong; because you have a reason to succeed! 

    “Push now, build momentum and STICK with it until the miracle happens!”

    Have you ever thought about signing up as a coach (like me) to host your OWN challenges to make a little side income while keeping yourself accountable? Your posts don’t have to be as detailed as mine, you don’t have to be at your goal weight, you don’t have to be a fitness professional…being a coach is just a FUN way to help friends & family with their fitness & nutrition while you are on your journey too. I would love to have you join me in helping others to live their dreams! 

    ~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> Eating clean does NOT mean limiting yourself and telling yourself I CAN’T. Every time you eat you make a choice, hopefully you are making an effort to make better choices. So every day it is my goal to eat clean ALL day- and then my brain tells me chocolate is a good idea, and my taste buds agree… when I do eat it, I enjoy it but then the cycle begins again. SO it is my choice to eat chocolate and enjoy it; it is also my choice to drink a Shakeology instead of eating a whole chocolate bar everyday. By choosing to eat healthy, nutritious, fulfilling foods to replace the craving for an unhealthy, sugary, processed food, you are choosing to take a step closer to living your dreams!

    HOMEWORK: Please check in:

    1. What time is your workout today?
    2. What meal was Shakeology?
    3. Are you interested in more info about coaching? 

    Have a great day! 

    DAY 17 

    It’s already day 17 and you are doing GREAT!! I love that you are learning and adopting new habits. Its NOT about being perfect every day. Its about making small positive changes that can last a lifetime. My entire adult life has been spend in the pursuit of excellence and I am so proud of you for joining me along the way!!

    ~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> Drink your Shakeology every day to get dense superfood nutrition and : 

    • better brain function
    • healthier hair, skin and nails
    • regularity
    • immunity booster
    • increased energy
    • decreased cravings
    • lower cholesterol
    • healthy weight-loss 

    HOMEWORK: Please check in below:

    1. What is the healthiest thing in your lunchbox today?
    2. What meal is Shakeology?
    3. What time is you workout scheduled for?

    ALSO, if you ordered a Challenge Pack, you are automatically set up to receive Shakeology every month. If you do not need your next shipment yet, you can put it on hold or cancel your Shakeology HD order and your “Club Membership” by calling Customer Relations 1 800 427 3809 - it is best to call late at night for shortest wait time =) 

    Have a great day!

    DAY 18

    Do something today that your future self will thank you for! Whether that means getting your workout in; going for a long walk with your dog; telling your husband that you love him; getting on track with your nutrition; or making a plan and sticking with it. You have what it takes to live your dreams! You just have to decide to stay on track. And you are on day 18, you are doing AWESOME!!

    ~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> When it comes to eating as many vegetables as possible in a day, I recommend including them at every meal at least 75-80% of your plate. For lunch, keep it simple and raw with a huge salad. I start with a 7 cup tupperware container (yep I said HUGE) then layer in 3 handfuls of spinach, 1/2 an english cucumber, 1/2 a bell pepper, a small tomato (or 5-7 cherry tomatoes), 1/4 cup lima beans (cooked or frozen), 2-3 TBSP cooked quinoa, top with a generous portion of Whit’s Everything Dressing (check day 9) and some extra oil and salt if desired. You will NOT be disappointed. In fact, you will feel so energized, full and happy after eating this salad that you will start making one every day (like I do)! =D 

    HOMEWORK: Please check in:

    1. What time is your workout scheduled?
    2. Did you have a big salad today?

    Have a great day!


    DAY 19 

    YOU are in the final stretch! Can you recommit for the next 3 days to get back on the clean machine and work towards finishing SUPER strong?! For the next THREE days, commit to

    1- 1 Gallon of water

    2- No meat, wheat, dairy or sugar (junk)

    3- Lots of veggies (especially the famous 7: Avocado, Broccoli, Bell Pepper, Cucumber, Celery, Kale, Spinach) 

    4- Lots of healthy fats: Avocado, Hemp Hearts, Chia Seeds, Cold Pressed Oils

    5- Lots of real, colored sea salts 

    6- Complete each scheduled workout

    7- Check in here every day to earn your prize!

    HOMEWORK: Please check in:

    1. How was your workout?
    2. How was your firtness?
    3. Are you ready to get serious for the next 3 days?

    Have a great day! 

    DAY 20

    It is day 20 and you are doing great!  Thank you for joining this challenge with me, I am honored to be able to share my passion with you. Over the last 3 weeks you have:

    1. Shared your dream
    2. Created a plan for success
    3. Focused on increasing water to 1 gallon / day
    4. Focused on making veggies 70-80% of your plate
    5. Learned about the importance of healthy fats, and colored salt
    6. Found healthier alternatives to wheat, dairy & sugar 
    7. Scheduled workout dates with yourself and completed them daily
    8. Reviewed, reflected & refocused on your goals 
    9. Gained strength, power & confidence in your gorgeous body & realized what it can do for you
    10. and hopefully you have enjoyed all the information I have shared with you to help you take a couple steps closer to living your dreams! 

    ~~~~~~~> CLEANSE TIP OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~> Today, I encourage you to plan your meals & your water! I try to do this daily and its very helpful to keep me from searching for something quick to eat. Plan 3 meals and 3 snacks. Everyone’s day looks different so eat before you get busy so you aren’t over hungry & pack meals if you are going to be out for more than a couple hours to avoid being tempted to eat junk / convenience/ fast ‘food’. =) 

    HOMEWORK: please check in:

    1. How was your workout?
    2. How was your nutrition?
    3. What is your favorite tip you have learned? 

    DAY 21

    YOU MADE IT! I am SO proud of you! Today is the LAST day of the challenge. I am so thankful I was able to share this part of your journey with you- and I would love to continue to support each of you this year as we get closer to living our dreams!! =D Congratulations on sticking to the program. Learning how to:

    • make a plan for success
    • schedule your workouts
    • make better choices in the kitchen
    • stay hydrated
    • believe in your dreams 

    helps you every day take steps in the right direction! 

    I hope this 21 day challenge helped you to get in to a pattern, break the old habits and create new healthier habits for you and those around you to enjoy.

    HOMEWORK: please take “After” photos and measurements-

    Take these 6 measurements: 

    1. Weight (in the morning) 
    2. Bicep (largest circumference of upper arm) 
    3. Chest (at nipple height) 
    4. Waist (smallest circumference in your mid section just above navel) 
    5. Hips (largest circumference around butt) 
    6. Thigh (largest circumference approx at mid-upper thigh) 

    Please share your TOTAL weight loss and TOTAL inches lost-add up all your before measurements and subtract all your after measurements- weight is separate- 

    ie: Starting weight 142- Current Weight- 137 = 5 lbs ; starting measurements (bicep + chest + waist + hips + thigh) = 131 - current measurements (bicep + chest + waist + hips + thigh) = 127.5 = 3.5 inches lost! **Be sure to count your half inches ;) ** 

    I will send a PRIZE to you when you send me a before AND after photo along with your before AND after measurements