Energy Boost?

5 hour energy, Redbull, Diet Coke, Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts...the list goes on. America is consumed by a cycle of high sugar hits and low energy collapse. We wake up and get a hit of caffeine and sugar from a yogurt with fruit & granola (if we are trying to be "healthy"). By the time 10AM rolls around its time for another hit of caffein and a piece of fruit, granola bar or even a donut. Lunch time can't come soon enough because our energy and our brain power is draining in the 2 hours since our last sugar rush. And our addiction to sugar and caffein for energy thrives... 

Between all the coffee, diet coke & energy drinks we are drinking every day- we are still drinking lots of water too right!? NOT. And water is the secret weapon! Our body functions using water...lots of it! Skin hydration, blood pressure, temperature regulation, digestion of food, vitamin and mineral transport, maintenance of bone & joint health... its a very important part of life. 

Its time for something different. We get stuck in this sugar/caffein cycle and walk around like zombies all the time because 1) our body craves it and 2) we are uneducated. But heres the good news- you can break the addiction and feel better, think better, work better and live better! Here are my best tips for an all natural energy boost!: 

1) start your day with 24 oz warm lemon water before you power back the first coffee of the day

2) fill a 1 gallon container with water and bring it with you to work

3) use a 32 oz water bottle to help you stay on track (drink 2- 32 oz bottles by lunch time) refill at least 1 more time after lunch

4) add lemon, lime, cucumber, green powder, etc to your water to add nutrients & make it taste great 

5) after dinner, treat yourself to another 24 oz warm lemon water 

I promise your skin will look more vibrant, your mood will improve, you will sleep better, your brain will clear & you will feel better! Don't just take my word for it... try it for yourself! Let me know what you think by commenting below or tagging me in your posts on Facebook. :)

Live your Dreams! - Whit