DAY 10- Beachbody Leads

Hey! I am so excited to share with you how Beachbody rewards us as coaches for sharing our products with our family & friends! Beachbody rewards us by sending us business from informercials and advertising!

This is how it works: 

A Customer Lead-is someone who may have signed up for a FREE Beachbody membership; this person is curious about Beachbody, she may not be ready to begin a program yet but she is interested in tips. This customer has taken the first step towards change. Customer Leads will be assigned to you when you are eligible:

  • You must be an Emerald coach
  • You must have paid your coach Business Service Fee ($15.95 / month)
  • You must be a Beachbody Club Member ($39 quarterly- activated with your challenge pack purchase or can be upgraded in you Team Beachbody profile)
  • You must have a before photo & a bio in your profile 

Then, once you achieve Success Club 5 or higher, you will begin to receive Success Club Leads:

A Success Club Lead- is someone who has purchased either Shakeology OR a challenge pack OR at least 90PV of product from OR through an infomercial; these customers have taken the step to purchase a program & YOU have been assigned as their personal Beachbody Coach & they are now YOUR customers. 

This is such a blessing to the customer AND to you. This is our best opportunity to follow up with our leads & actually connect with them to offer them a GREAT customer service experience & to get them on track to living their dreams! 

DON’T be scared; DO it for them, they deserve it!

DON’T feel like you are bothering them; DO offer them information; they signed up to get help & information!

DON’T give up because they don’t respond the first time; DO continue to follow up & reach out so they know you are here for them!! =) 

HOMEWORK: log in to your back office and set up your TEAM BEACHBODY profile. Be sure to include a before photo, and a bio. Also, set up your CLUB membership if you haven’t already so you can have online streaming of hundreds of workouts and be eligible to receive customer leads as soon as you hit Emerald! 

I hope you see the benefits of achieving Emerald Rank and Success Club. I know you can do it because you are a loving and kind hearted person who truly wants to help your friends & family. Have an awesome day!

Whit xo