DAY 9- Emerald Rank

Hey Rockstar! You are doing awesome with your training! No one is making you do this, and THAT is why I am so proud of you for staying on track and checking in every day. Its when you check in that I am able to share with you all the tools you need to help you build your business & live your dreams. 

Today I want to tell you about the first milestone in your Beachbody career. Achieving Emerald is the first and easiest rank advancement & can be achieved easily in your first month of business! Achieving Emerald means that you are serious about your business, you are excited & you have shared what you are excited about with your friends & family.

Emerald Rank is achieved by:

  • Being Personally Active (50 PV) 
  • AND Personally Sponsoring one Active Coach on EACH leg of your downline.

==> what is an Active Coach? A coach is active immediately if they sign up with a Challenge Pack. They can maintain their active status as long as they order 50PV (you will see PV beside every product we can purchase) every month (which means they either need to stay on Shakeology HD OR they need to sell 1 new challenge pack OR Shakeology HD per month) 

==> what is Personally Sponsored (PS)?
A PS coach is someone YOU directly signed up under you. If you have explored your back office, you will see new coaches being added to your organization daily... These are NOT personally sponsored coaches and do NOT affect your rank - these coaches are in Team Hardcore's organization- this will help you earn more in team cycle bonus (once you achieve emerald).

Once you personally sponsor your first coach, you will need to switch your "Preferred Placement" by going into your back office and verify your coach is on your RIGHT leg by going to MY BUSINESS - MY DOWNLINE - SPONSORSHIP DRILLDOWN this will show you ALL of your downline coaches and which leg they are on.
Then by selecting MY BUSINESS - PREFERRED PLACEMENT switch your preferred placement to LEFT so that your next PS Active coach will make YOU Emerald!!

HOMEWORK: Please check in below:

  • Did you invite 3 people to your challenge today?
  • Did you workout / drink shakeology?
  • Did you read / listen to at least 15 mins of Personal Development?
  • Can you achieve Emerald in the next 21 days?? <== I KNOW YOU CAN!!

THIS is what I will send you when you achieve emerald in your first FULL month:

  • $50 Lululemon Gift Card
  • a Smartphone Tripod
  • a Personal Development Book of your choice

Once you are Emerald and hit Success Club, you are ALSO eligible for the Lead Program! And this is where Beachbody really gets exciting! So come back tomorrow to learn about the Lead Program and how you can begin working smarter and making more with your Beachbody Business! 

Live your Dreams,

Whit xo