DAY 3- Important Calls, Websites & Podcasts

Hey gorgeous! Thank you for being awesome! I am so happy you wrote your list of 100 nice people you like. That list is the very first step in a VERY successful journey as a Beachbody coach. So thank you for writing your list before moving on to today’s training. 

Here are some IMPORTANT WEBSITES you will be accessing on a regular basis:


  • News, info, FAQs, networking with other Beachbody coaches & customers etc.
  • Log in (top right corner of page) 
  • You should see my photo (Contact my Coach), then a number of Beachbody workouts completed that day, and below that is your Beachbody name (i.e. SPORTSANDFITNESS) with your Dashboard option
  • Click on dashboard & Enter Profile info, bio & add before photo to you (this is important for receiving customer leads in the future)
  1. BACK OFFICE (and log in to your account)  

- Explore your office & if you have any questions let me know =)

  • You have 4 websites where people can purchase programs & products from you. (I only use one of mine) This website will be used ALOT and you will earn 25% every time someone clicks "BUY"!!: 

(ie: my beachbody name is SPORTSANDFITNESS my website is 

  • You can manage this website (and the other 3) through your “BACK OFFICE", once you are logged in to your office just select "My Websites" and add a photo & a bio to your Beachbody page / other pages 
  • In a future training (in Building your Business) I will share with you how to purchase your own domain name through GoDaddy so that you can have an easy website for people to remember (i.e: is easier for people to remember than but they both take you to my website!) 


  1. Beachbody National Wakeup Call

Mondays at 11 AM EST

Live: 832- 225- 5055 PIN 90405

Recording: 832- 225- 5065

  1. Team Hardcore Call

Wednesdays at NOON EST

I will send out a link to the call via EMAIL 


The podcast app is probably my favorite thing I have learned about from my Beachbody business. I listen to podcasts when I am in the shower, bath, making meals, driving in my car. It is the easiest way to fill your life with positivity & inspiration all day long. Once you have downloaded the podcast app, subscribe to:

  1. Team Beachbody Coach Podcast - recorded National Wakeup Calls, listen to a bunch to introduce yourself with coaches at the top of the company, you can skip ahead to about minute 7-8 if you are listening to old calls so you can skip all the old ‘news’. 
  2. Build Your Tribe - with Chalene Johnson (this is my coach, Jenelle Summers’ sister) and she is so funny, real and wonderful- this show is about building an online business. 
  3. The Chalene Show- this is Chalene’s other show- it is all about living a happier life.

HOMEWORK: Play with logging in to and exploring your back office & setting up your profiles as explained in this training. Download the podcast app, subscribe to all 3 shows I have listed & listen to at least 1show. =) 

This is going to change your life for the better & I am so excited to be on this journey with you! Have an awesome day! 

Live your Dreams,