DAY 5- Ideal Customer & Working Hours


When it comes to establishing your ideal customer, it is honestly easier to first decide on some characteristics you do NOT want in your ideal customer / coach. Remember, these people are going to be your friends, people you get along with, they are you a year ago or 5 years ago. 

So start by creating a small list of 5-10 characteristics that you do NOT want to work with. For me, (don’t worry this doesn't describe you bc I like you!) its: 

  • complainers
  • excuse makers
  • slimy men
  • lazy women

Once you have a list of things you do NOT want, then begin to brainstorm things you love and seek in your friends, customers & coaches. For me (these may be things that describe you), my ideal friend / customer / coach is:

  • outgoing / confident
  • motivated / dream-seeking
  • 25-35 year old single or new wife or mom
  • college grad / forever student
  • earn $50-100K / year 
  • homeowner
  • interested in health / fitness / nutrition / waterskiing 
  • Christian
  • kind & loving
  • dog lover
  • loves pink & pretty things


Have you ever been hired for a job and they told you “you can work whenever is best for you”. Unless you are self-employed, you often don’t get that luxury. 

To be honest, when you have your own business it is important to realize this is still a business and you will only succeed if you have a plan and work consistently every day. 

Today, I would like for you to schedule your personal working hours for the next month. This can be a trial period for yourself that may work, or you may need to modify it as you go. 

Some people work best first thing in the morning. I personally set my alarm for 6:00 AM and begin every day with responding to emails & messages & starting 3 new conversations. I also post on Instagram & Facebook first thing every morning before I get out of bed. And that is IT for the rest of the day other than personal development & working out… which I don’t consider work. I do not work on NON Beachbody hours because if I do, I am disrespecting my priorities 1) Waterskiing 2) Quality time with Family, Friends & my Boyfriend. 

It may be better for you to work for 30 minutes first thing in the morning, 30 minutes at lunch and 30 minutes before bed. 

Whatever you decide, schedule your time in your phone with a reminder each day to work your business during your scheduled working hours. 

HOMEWORK: Make a list of at least 3-5 characteristics in people you DON’T want to work with. And another list with 10-20 characteristics that describe you & your ideal customer =) Also, schedule 30 mins to an hour a day for the next month that you will commit to working your Beachbody business. Send me a pic / screenshot or text me your list (5618016878) & share your working hours with me once you have them completed!

You are doing so awesome! I couldn't be more proud of you for taking control of your business and giving yourself the opportunity to shine! 

Live your Dreams!

Whit xo