DAY 6- Relationships

Welcome back! I am so proud of you for sticking with the program and getting one step closer to living your dreams every day! Yesterday you created your Ideal Customer and established your working hours. Being successful isn’t always convenient, but it takes plugging away every single day at the little things that make a BIG impact over time. 

Today I want to share with you how to F.O.R.M. relationships:

When you meet new people here’s an easy way to remember how to connect and build strong relationships—try to follow the F.O.R.M. process. 

But the first question I always like to ask is: Where are you from? (most people will answer this question and not feel you are creeping… ‘Where do you live?’ sounds much more creepy!)

F = Family: Does your new friend have kids, siblings, a spouse, etc.
O = Occupation: What does your new friend do for a living?

R = Recreation: What does your new friend do for fun? Do they play sports?

M = Message: After you get to know your new friend by asking questions about their family, occupation, and recreation you can tailor your invitation for them to get their free Team Beachbody Club membership and join your profile or like page for tips. Eventually you can invite them to a challenge or if they have ever considered coaching to help with ____. 

HOMEWORK: Please check in with your 3 Vital behaviors: 

  1. List the names of people you contacted who you are F.O.R.M-ing relationships with:  
  2. What workout did you do & what meal was Shakeology? 
  3. Did you do at least 10 minutes of Personal Development?

Remember is all about sincerely wanting to get to know people, so always be sincere in your conversation and intent. If the conversation is one sided, feels forced or inauthentic, ask yourself if this person fits as your ideal customer before moving forward. Asking questions about their family, occupation, and recreation will help you get to know them better and find ways to connect with them on a deeper level. It will also help you to establish a problem that Beachbody programs / products or business opportunity can help solve. Have an awesome day! 

Live your Dreams,