DAY 7- Your First Challenge Group!

Hey! Thank you for being awesome! I am so proud to have hard working, motivated, positive people like YOU on team Fit Hope Love. Your dedication to this training is going to change not only your life but the lives of every person you help with their fitness journey! 

Today, I would like you to select a start date for your very own challenge group!! So this may sound scary, or it may sound exciting to you. For me it was super exciting! But, you may be thinking - wait…its too soon! But trust me on this, I promise I won’t make you do ANYTHING you are not capable of. I am on your team and my goal is to help reach your potential & live your dreams!

The best way to start sharing Beachbody programs with others is by hosting your first challenge! So this can be: 

  • your own version of my 21 day challenge
  • your own 30 day challenge group from the Beachbody back office hosted on Facebook
  • a group that requires a minimum purchase of fitness to participate (any fitness program OR even a free 30 day trial of Beachbody Club Membership & $38 quarterly after the first 30 days- unlimited access to hundreds of workouts)
  • a group that requires a purchase of a challenge pack to participate (a fitness program AND Shakeology)

No matter what you chose, this is where you can share your secret ingredients / your story and help others on their journey in a very personal way. 

I recommend selecting a start date that is within the next month- it is a good idea to start your group on a monday. This is a fresh start for everyone and people are excited to incorporate change after some not so great habits & activities over the weekends. 

HOMEWORK: Please create & share the start date of your first challenge group & what type of group you will be hosting: 

My very first challenge was all personal friends. I had never even tried the products yet… I sent out SO many invites because I was so excited about my new business & doing a fitness challenge them! Sharing your first challenge with personal contacts is such a great way to let your friends & family know you are a coach while building your confidence hosting your first challenge with people you feel comfortable with. (plus you don’t have to F.O.R.M relationships with people you already have personal relationships with… send them something like: “Hey! I am hosting a Facebook fitness challenge group starting ___. We are doing this fun workout program called Brazil Butt Lift. And I would love to have you join us! Do you think you might be interested in toning ur booty with me?” 

You are doing awesome! And I look forward to sharing with you tomorrow! 

Whit xo