DAY 8- Success Club

Hey there! Good job on checking in and staying on track with this training! You are going to learn so much this month that is going help you stay on track to help you live your dreams! 

    Today I want to talk to you about one of the driving forces of your Beachbody business.- SUCCESS CLUB. When you are committed to focusing on the 3 Vital behaviors you will hit success club without even having to worry about it. 

    Every time a customer or coach purchases a Challenge Pack OR Shakeology HD you will be awarded SC points. For every NEW CP order OR NEW COACH CP order you will receive 2 points, and for every NEW Shakeology HD you will receive 1 point. 

  • By helping 3 people each month you can accumulate 5 points aka- SC5. 
  • By helping 5 or more people each month you can accumulate 10 points which is known as SC10. 

Hitting SC a big deal because it means you are helping people & working your business. When you achieve Success Club you will get a shoutout from me on     Facebook, you will get a prize from Beachbody & you will love your growing paychecks!!

When you hit SC EVERY MONTH for 12 consecutive months then you become a SUCCESS CLUB ALL STAR- and this gets you onstage recognition at“SUMMIT”, the Beachbody National Conference- AND your name will permanently find itself in the Beachbody Success Club Hall of Fame!

When you hit SC, it means you are diligently living out the 3 vital behaviors, you are changing lives, your business is growing and you are taking steps towards living your dreams!  

HOMEWORK: Please check in with me:

  • are you aiming for Success Club this month?
  • did you invite 3-5 friends to your challenge group today?
  • did you use Beachbody products & focus on healthy nutrition?
  • did you listen to or read personal development?

I will see you tomorrow with more exciting information to help you stay on track to living your dreams!

Whit xo