DAY 1- Your Brand

Congratulations on completing the 10 Day Coach Basics Training. You are so dedicated to being the best coach you can be, and I am so proud of you for committing to living your dreams! Social media is very important as a Beachbody coach, in the next 7 days I will teach you how to be great at it! 

Beachbody is not actually the “face” / brand of your business... YOU are. The more you embrace the fact that YOU are your brand, and everything you represent and do is a reflection on your brand, the more apt you are to be the best YOU and the more apt you are to inspire others to do the same. You have to be YOU x2 and therefore be the person you aspire to be! I hope through personal development, you’re learning you CAN do anything you set your mind to, and you CAN live your dreams… especially in this business!

HOMEWORK: Please make a list of 10 things you’re into/interested in that others look to you for advice/knowledge/inspiration and/or help? It could be décor, fashion, tech stuff, parenting, cooking, art, writing, nutrition, strength training, fitness, sports, public speaking, photography, puppies, etc. These are the unique combination of things that make up what YOUR brand and image will look like.

What is your BRAND??