DAY 3- Ideal Customer

How does it feel to share your story? Maybe it feels awkward at first, but I promise the more you practice the 3 Vital Behaviors, the more natural your story will develop. Sharing your plan, goals & purpose attract people to you. Today, I want to show you how to attract your ideal customer.


Remember making a list of at least 3-5 characteristics in people you DON’T want to work with? And another list with 10-20 characteristics that describe you & your ideal customer? 

This is where we use that info! When you post on social media, post for her… your ideal customer. Have the face of your best friend, or ME in your mind when you are posting. This will narrow your focus and make it feel more natural to share your heart. Don’t think about the haters, focus on the people you are here to serve! =) 

When it comes to social media, you have the ability to screen your potential clients and decide if she is someone you want to work with. You can estimate age range, educational background, use of emojis, family life, possible career, location, etc. If you can’t and you are intrigued by their photo or bio, send them a quick message. When they respond, trust your instinct and ask genuine questions. If it feels forced, move on & find your ideal customers.

On instagram: use hashtags to find your ideal customer based on your personal interests OR feature accounts you follow to create conversations/ relationships. As a rule, pick 3-5 accounts per day that you feel fit your ideal customer mold- then like 5 photos, comment on 3 and send a message to all of your ideal potential customers. This is what I send “Hey (first name)! I love your account! Thanks for sharing your fitness journey on insta! Where are you from?” OR something similar. 

On Facebook: find your ideal customer in groups you hang out in, again, pick 3-5 profiles, like 5 posts, comment on 3, send a friend request & a simple message. “Hey (first name)! Your family looks so cute! I’m vegan too. How long have you been vegan?”

When messaging K.I.S.S (keep it simple sweetie!) Compliment your new friend, Comment on something you have in common / something that you relate to & finish with a Question. 

HOMEWORK: Explore your groups & large accounts you follow- Send a message to 5 ideal potential customers today.