DAY 4- Posting Every Day

I hope you are continuing to message 5 ideal potential customers each day through social media. F.O.R.M ing relationships & building trust is how we share Beachbody with other people just like us! Imagine if I never reached out to you? We maybe wouldn’t be friends today! So give your new friends the same opportunity to share this journey with you by starting conversations & posting valuable content every day!

The more frequently you post, the faster your account will grow. I personally am committed to 1 high quality post every day and my account is steadily growing by 15-25 followers per post. 

Aim for 2-3 quality posts per day and see how your account grows! 

Focus on 60% your own passions OUTSIDE of fitness & nutrition (for me waterskiing is my 60%) and every 3 posts share something fitness/ nutrition related, inviting your friends to a challenge OR coaching.

When you are posting consistently & mostly about your passions, you will begin to attract the people you want to be friends with & who will accept your invitations to join you in fitness & business!! Its a fun process! 

HOMEWORK: Write down how many followers you have NOW on Instagram & Facebook. And commit to posting AT LEAST 1 quality post per day.