DAY 5- Posting Quality Content (Facebook)

I just want to take a minute to tell you that you are doing great in your business. This is NOT a race. This is NOT a full time job (yet). This is NOT a pressure situation. This is NOT a career in sales. Beachbody offers us the opportunity to HELP people get on track on their health journeys. Beachbody offers us the opportunity to SHARE knowledge that we have that most people don’t have. Beachbody offers us the opportunity to CREATE a very lucrative business by helping 1-5 people every day/ week / month! =) 

When you’re new in the business you should be mostly focused on getting in the HABIT of posting more consistently, & getting in the habit of just reaching out & connecting with more people you know & re-connecting with new people. But it’s also time to start thinking about ATTRACTING people your way. 

Facebook posts should be:
1. Engaging (asks a question that anyone could answer and would want to answer);
2. Helpful (helps solve a problem you have had and you know friends/family have..does NOT have to be fitness/nutrition related),
3. Inspiring (put your own text on your own photo; turn common quotes into your own!)
4. Funny or entertaining.
If YOU are in the picture, it needs to be a flattering pic of you (doesn’t mean it can’t be sweaty; lots of sweaty pictures are also flattering, but some are NOT.. you know you best ) The difference between YOU posting and some other coach is that each of you will have differing opinions on what is engaging, helpful, funny, etc… so you will NATURALLY attract like-minded if you just think of what is engaging, helpful, funny to YOU. So the only way to be original is to let YOU - your pictures/ your personality/ your brand - shine through.


-Please post an engaging fitness/ health / nutrition post every day this week & tag me (Whitney McClintock) in it. 

-Also, check out posts on &  and let me know which posts resonated with you.