Social Media Training

DAY 1- Your Brand

Congratulations on completing the 10 Day Coach Basics Training. You are so dedicated to being the best coach you can be, and I am so proud of you for committing to living your dreams! Social media is very important as a Beachbody coach, in the next 7 days I will teach you how to be great at it! 

Beachbody is not actually the “face” / brand of your business... YOU are. The more you embrace the fact that YOU are your brand, and everything you represent and do is a reflection on your brand, the more apt you are to be the best YOU and the more apt you are to inspire others to do the same. You have to be YOU x2 and therefore be the person you aspire to be! I hope through personal development, you’re learning you CAN do anything you set your mind to, and you CAN live your dreams… especially in this business!

HOMEWORK: Please make a list of 10 things you’re into/interested in that others look to you for advice/knowledge/inspiration and/or help? It could be décor, fashion, tech stuff, parenting, cooking, art, writing, nutrition, strength training, fitness, sports, public speaking, photography, puppies, etc. These are the unique combination of things that make up what YOUR brand and image will look like.

What is your BRAND??

DAY 2- Telling Your Story

Welcome back! You’re doing AWESOME and building a strong foundation. Now that you know your brand, share your story!

You don’t have to be at your ideal weight/ fitness level to show you’re making PROGRESS. You just have to be actively participating and practicing what you preach, consistently!  If you’re going to ask someone to do something, you better be doing it yourself. Even share your struggles...people connect with that too! Being an example not only improves your credibility, it gets people excited because most likely they’ll be looking at you and witnessing you transform. Be prepared to explain your journey so it is easy to talk to people when you are asked.

Here is a simple way to create your own story, just complete the sentences:
1. “I joined the Team at Beachbody because . . .”
2. “I am happy I did because . . . ”

3. “My biggest fear when starting Beachbody was…”
3. “Because of my Beachbody business I hope to . . . ”


HOMEWORK: Create an instagram / Facebook post that shares your Beachbody journey- from your first program to the day you decided to sign up- share your dreams and ask people to join you! Be sure to ask them to leave their email address so you can connect with them. 


DAY 3- Ideal Customer

How does it feel to share your story? Maybe it feels awkward at first, but I promise the more you practice the 3 Vital Behaviors, the more natural your story will develop. Sharing your plan, goals & purpose attract people to you. Today, I want to show you how to attract your ideal customer.


Remember making a list of at least 3-5 characteristics in people you DON’T want to work with? And another list with 10-20 characteristics that describe you & your ideal customer? 

This is where we use that info! When you post on social media, post for her… your ideal customer. Have the face of your best friend, or ME in your mind when you are posting. This will narrow your focus and make it feel more natural to share your heart. Don’t think about the haters, focus on the people you are here to serve! =) 

When it comes to social media, you have the ability to screen your potential clients and decide if she is someone you want to work with. You can estimate age range, educational background, use of emojis, family life, possible career, location, etc. If you can’t and you are intrigued by their photo or bio, send them a quick message. When they respond, trust your instinct and ask genuine questions. If it feels forced, move on & find your ideal customers.

On instagram: use hashtags to find your ideal customer based on your personal interests OR feature accounts you follow to create conversations/ relationships. As a rule, pick 3-5 accounts per day that you feel fit your ideal customer mold- then like 5 photos, comment on 3 and send a message to all of your ideal potential customers. This is what I send “Hey (first name)! I love your account! Thanks for sharing your fitness journey on insta! Where are you from?” OR something similar. 

On Facebook: find your ideal customer in groups you hang out in, again, pick 3-5 profiles, like 5 posts, comment on 3, send a friend request & a simple message. “Hey (first name)! Your family looks so cute! I’m vegan too. How long have you been vegan?”

When messaging K.I.S.S (keep it simple sweetie!) Compliment your new friend, Comment on something you have in common / something that you relate to & finish with a Question. 

HOMEWORK: Explore your groups & large accounts you follow- Send a message to 5 ideal potential customers today.

DAY 4- Posting Every Day

I hope you are continuing to message 5 ideal potential customers each day through social media. F.O.R.M ing relationships & building trust is how we share Beachbody with other people just like us! Imagine if I never reached out to you? We maybe wouldn’t be friends today! So give your new friends the same opportunity to share this journey with you by starting conversations & posting valuable content every day!

The more frequently you post, the faster your account will grow. I personally am committed to 1 high quality post every day and my account is steadily growing by 15-25 followers per post. 

Aim for 2-3 quality posts per day and see how your account grows! 

Focus on 60% your own passions OUTSIDE of fitness & nutrition (for me waterskiing is my 60%) and every 3 posts share something fitness/ nutrition related, inviting your friends to a challenge OR coaching.

When you are posting consistently & mostly about your passions, you will begin to attract the people you want to be friends with & who will accept your invitations to join you in fitness & business!! Its a fun process! 

HOMEWORK: Write down how many followers you have NOW on Instagram & Facebook. And commit to posting AT LEAST 1 quality post per day.

DAY 5- Posting Quality Content (Facebook)

I just want to take a minute to tell you that you are doing great in your business. This is NOT a race. This is NOT a full time job (yet). This is NOT a pressure situation. This is NOT a career in sales. Beachbody offers us the opportunity to HELP people get on track on their health journeys. Beachbody offers us the opportunity to SHARE knowledge that we have that most people don’t have. Beachbody offers us the opportunity to CREATE a very lucrative business by helping 1-5 people every day/ week / month! =) 

When you’re new in the business you should be mostly focused on getting in the HABIT of posting more consistently, & getting in the habit of just reaching out & connecting with more people you know & re-connecting with new people. But it’s also time to start thinking about ATTRACTING people your way. 

Facebook posts should be:
1. Engaging (asks a question that anyone could answer and would want to answer);
2. Helpful (helps solve a problem you have had and you know friends/family have..does NOT have to be fitness/nutrition related),
3. Inspiring (put your own text on your own photo; turn common quotes into your own!)
4. Funny or entertaining.
If YOU are in the picture, it needs to be a flattering pic of you (doesn’t mean it can’t be sweaty; lots of sweaty pictures are also flattering, but some are NOT.. you know you best ) The difference between YOU posting and some other coach is that each of you will have differing opinions on what is engaging, helpful, funny, etc… so you will NATURALLY attract like-minded if you just think of what is engaging, helpful, funny to YOU. So the only way to be original is to let YOU - your pictures/ your personality/ your brand - shine through.


-Please post an engaging fitness/ health / nutrition post every day this week & tag me (Whitney McClintock) in it. 

-Also, check out posts on &  and let me know which posts resonated with you.

DAY 6- Posting Quality Content (Instagram)

Welcome back! Remember, YOU are your brand - Who you are, what you offer others, your struggles & your successes:

1) Make sure your account is public. To check your account's status: From the settings page, under 'Privacy, make sure the "photos are private" toggle is set to OFF. This allows other Instagram users to follow you and view your photos without your authorization.

2.) Be selective with your photo uploads: Upload only your best shots (1-3 Max / day) --you're better off to take the time to "stage" a great shot that makes your message more visually appealing than to post something quick - just to post - and lose followers. It does take thought, and creativity will come with practice. More effects are NOT always better--more on that below.

3.) Follow, like on pictures, compliment & ask genuine, legit questions of other users you have things in common with. Do it sincerely though; following a few people with intent is more effective (not to mention far less obvious) than playing a numbers game.

4.) Use other apps to make your pictures stand out more! BUT... more effects does not necessarily mean better! Words should be all in 1-2 colors, easy to read, 1-2 objects clearly in focus. Think clean, one-focal-point pictures as you would see in a magazine ad. Yes, it takes practice 

5.) Put your Facebook & IG names on your pics. This makes it easy for your friends and others to find you. 

6.) Add your location on IG as your facebook page to your Instagram pics!

HOMEWORK: Check out these users who show GREAT pics:

@ChaleneJohnson @JenDelvaux @BeachYogaGirl @ChelseaBlush @JenelleSummers

What are some of your favorite accounts to follow? Take note of why you love them so much, scan their pics to see what their brand is. Create your own brand / magazine spread on your feed.

DAY 7- Helpful Apps & Hashtags

You are doing awesome! I love seeing all of your fitness related but NOT sales-y posts! You really are getting it!! =)

When it comes to creating quality content, here are some awesome iPhone apps to download: 

    •    Taking pictures: Burstmode & CameraTime

    •    Putting Text on Pics: A + signature, picsArt, FontCandy, WordFoto, TitleFx

    •    Facebook cover photo: Cover Photo, Canva (for ipad or desktop)

    •    Adding Music / Making Collages: PicFrame, Pic Play Post, Pic Stitch, Diptic, Frametastic 

    •    Special Effects: PS Express, SuperImpose 

    •    Pop of color: PE-FotoLr go to Edit Pic>Color>DrawFx>Black & White. Be sure to enlarge the picture so you can get up close to the object you are keeping in color

Hashtag like a boss! But realize, on Instagram, if your pictures are not staying relevant to fitness/health or aren't eye-catching pics, OR there aren't many of YOU, you'll likely not get engagement from your followers or you may not even get many new followers at all, because they can't see who this person is they're following. People follow REAL people who provide value in some way to their life, not just pictures or quotes they can see on any fitness account. Hashtags can help you attract users who are searching for a particular type of photo or subject. (For example, if you take a picture of the Eiffel Tower, include "#paris" or "#eiffeltower" in the description and anyone looking for photos taken in Paris will be able to find your picture.)

Below are some Fitness Hashtags (copy & paste to your phone memo pad). Add them to existing Instagram pics asap and watch your likes & followers go up! If you're not getting new followers, then they're looking at your photo collage & not seeing what they want. Evaluate what you have & delete what wouldn't be interesting to a fitness/health fan:

#beastmode #femalefitnesspage #gimmeabs #girlswithmuscle #flexfriday #ig_fitness_freaks #abs #crosstrain #trainmean #traindirty #getlean #fitaddicted #sweat #workoutclothes #toned #tiu #instafit #picoftheday #instagood #muscles #homegym #she_is_fit #fitfam #iworkout #instafit #fitspo #itrainhard #justdoit #fit4life #livefit #fitlife

Below are nutrition-type Hashtags:

#yumm #healthylifestyle #foodspiration #recipes #yummy #eatforabs #gimmeabs #eatclean #cleaneats #cleaneating #foodie #foodporn #eatyourgreens #healthyrecipe #lowglycemic #wholefoods # #getlean #nutrition #organic #vegan #veganbodybuilding

Try to use as many hashtags as possible, but put them in the comments. Even if someone taps on a hashtag that has nothing to do with your picture and they stumble upon it, they may like it, and/or even start following you. Go back and add hashtags to older Instagram posts. Delete & re-add again later if you can.

HOMEWORK: Come up with your own personal list of 15-30 hashtags that relate to your passion / brand. Check out every hashtag before you add it to your list- make sure you like the photos & they are appropriate for you (when you find one you like, like 5, comment on 3 & message 3-5 ideal potential customers). Create eye-catching instagram posts & paste hashtags into the comment section. It will be fun to see how fast your account grows as you post engaging content... Have a great day!